"I Do Not Want To Hear About The Book"


Ted Noftall
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 I was told by a reliable source that in a utilities staff meeting,  chaired by the then acting director some time after the former utilities resigned,  a senior staff person  told  everyone present that he had retrieved the “little red book”   detailing the phony payroll hours  and had it destroyed at the request of  the former director  who had advised him that he was unable to retrieve that book as  he had been escorted from the building.  I was further advised the acting director said she did not want to hear that shit and left the room.    

 Concerned Citizen Rant  is absolutely correct in noting that the fake  payroll fraud examination has been one  big  phony whitewash.

 The question is why and The Indomitable Witness has supplied the beginning of the real answer…… which is

More senior staff in more departments have likely been in on this scam of showing themselves being on the job while actually on vacation,  AND THEN  selling that time back to the City as unused vacation than anyone realizes.

Given the near total absence of  meaningful payroll controls on department heads and senior staff  that is not hard to believe.    

What is hard  to believe is that Counsel has not referred all of this to FDLE or the FBI for a real investigation.


Ted Noftall



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  • September 18, 2013 at 7:35 am

    Submitted on 2013/09/18 at 7:35 pm
    The sad thing about this is that the information of the whitewash investigation will invariably find its way to Roger Smith and his attorney. It will be the material that he needs to prevail in a constructive termination lawsuit against the City of Port Orange that will net him over a million dollars. You figure it out at 50 years old, then add 15 years to 65 years old, times $107,000 a year salary. If the City Council is so blind as to Greg Kisela and his desperate attempt to solidify his regime and protect what is left of his senior management team, through contriving a whitewash investigation to close the door on the cultural corruption he has inherited then they deserve making Roger Smith a rich man. Research what happened down in Fort Lauderdale and the approximately 1 million dollars of lawsuits they have had to pay out directly associated with Greg Kisela and his simplistic and imprudent actions and solutions. Look at all the EEOC lawsuits that were levied against him where the plaintiffs prevailed and ask yourself why Allen Green and the Council would want to catch a falling knife.
    Yes, if they decide to proceed with an honest investigation at least several more city administrators will be fired and there will be a more complete house cleaning that will result in a better work force where the cream rises to the top. I personally think this will not happen unless FDLE is brought in to take charge of this investigation and move things along. In the meantime don’t be surprised if Mr. Kisela bunkers down with his inner sanctum and tries to make life hell on earth for anyone that threatens his plan.
    Indomitable Witness


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