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2centsMy two cents.
While viewing the recent city council meeting, I watched in total amazement as the Public Works Director spoon feed the council with some of the biggest lines of Double Talk I ever heard.
Below are some of the B.S the Director gave the council with a smile on her face, and no one on the council challenged any of her statements.
Some highlights of DPW Director’s excuse’s:

  • “No one on city staff knows how to cut grass in high visibility areas”. (no one on council asked; “WHY NOT?” or “WHATS THAT MEAN?)
  • “The city does not have the right equipment to cut grass” ( no one on council said; “REALLY?” or “WHY NOT?)
  • “We have some very poor internal communications at Public Works” ( no one on council asked; “Who is responsible for that?” However, at least one councilman did ask “What type communication is required to say “Go cut the grass, and make it look good”)
  • ” The reason we butchered the grass on the Dunlawton medians, was that one of the mowers was not working real good that day” (no one on the council asked; “Why did the DPW crew fail to STOP mowing, when they first observed that mower tearing up the grass ?” Well Duh ! )
  • “One reason we recommended the discredited Glenco was because we know of no other vendors in the Port Orange area that knows how to cut our grass” ( no one on the council said; “WHAT?” or “REALLY !”)

Also below are some images that the Public Works Director emailed the council to allegedly justify reasons why the Tuff Turf vendor should have been fired. DPW claim is that the vendors equipment left tire tracks in some lawn areas and here is the proof. Really? What lawn ? Is she kidding or what ?
Due to the neglect of DPW not applying any irrigation; fertilizer; pesticide and herbicide to the city’s lawns, the little remaining turf shown in these images are somewhat anemic and most of the rest of the turf has already left town..
Moreover, some of the tire tracks appear to be from the city truck shown in one of the images.
Were these images presented to the council for the sole purpose of insulting their intelligence?



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