3 thoughts on “Former Utilities Director Rodger Smith Agreement

  • September 27, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    So let’s get this straight Mr. Smith.
    You grant us employees administrative leave. You even provide to us in WRITING that you have the authority to do so. Mr. Kisela grants you a get out of jail free card. He then charges our time to the tune of close to a quarter of a million dollars. Even though you lied to us about your authority to grant the time our funds are gone.
    You were also gracious enough to grant yourself administrative leave. Now you run for the hills hanging out to dry your former loyal and dedicated employees. Our monies are gone.
    What makes you so special in that you can disgrace the City, lie to your employees, grant yourself time and then not be charged for it as we were? That would be very kind of Mr. Kisela if he were to recommend your proposal to council after what he did to us.
    But I get it. If they accept your deal you can’t pull any skeletons out of their closet. Very clever.

  • September 27, 2013 at 10:47 pm

    I guess now Shannon Lewis and Mike Ulrich will be asked to account for the administrative leave, if that is what this leave really is, that was issued on the Outlook calendar and the Excel spreadsheet that was used to compile the C.R.I. report that was issued to employees when they were running Public Utilities and Roger Smith was not even present. This would make a good council agenda item or maybe a council workshop for further discussion. Maybe we can include a discussion why the city never performed a search for out of the office, sick, and vacation time on the city server and compared this against the payroll records that are archived.
    Was this overlooked for the same reason the city turned a blind eye to the admin time issued on the calendar and spreadsheet during Shannon Lewis and Mike Ulrich’s charge over Public Utilities? Maybe we can include on the workshop agenda why Public Utility employees were listed on the report that was plastered on the news before they were even questioned, provided the spreadsheet for review, or even told this was happening. Maybe it can be discussed how Mr. Kisela behind closed doors threatened and cohersed the majority of those employees into signing a settlement stipulations in fear of losing their jobs after ruining their reputations.
    The workshop can be called how to avoid lawsuits by utilizing critical thinking and refraining from rash and imprudent quick fixes. What is really pathetic and shows moral destitution on behalf of the city is they are going to pay every penny back to the only guilty person in Public Utilities, Roger Smith. They have already let the two big fish off the hook Ken Parker and John Shelley. Whoever is responsible for this it shows cowardice and a total lack of character.
    I guess the big question the citizens of the City of Port Orange need to ask is who is responsible for this, the city council or Greg Kisela? On Tuesday night the city council has a big choice to make if Greg Kisela is responsible for this and if they do not stand up and show they disapprove of Mr. Kisela’s imprudence and do not put a stop to this once and for all there will not be much hope for the city’s future.

  • September 30, 2013 at 11:15 pm

    Your hate toward Greg is over the top. He just got here, but you want to lay all of the problems at his feet and hold him accountable for something that happened before he arrived.


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