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fustration3Thanks Roger
So let’s get this straight Mr. Smith.
You grant us employees administrative leave. You even provide to us in WRITING that you have the authority to do so. Mr. Kisela grants you a get out of jail free card. He then charges our time to the tune of close to a quarter of a million dollars. Even though you lied to us about your authority to grant the time our funds are gone.
You were also gracious enough to grant yourself administrative leave. Now you run for the hills hanging out to dry your former loyal and dedicated employees. Our monies are gone.
What makes you so special in that you can disgrace the City, lie to your employees, grant yourself time and then not be charged for it as we were?  That would be very kind of Mr. Kisela if he were to recommend your proposal to council after what he did to us.
But I get it. If they accept your deal you can’t pull any skeletons out of their closet. Very clever.
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  • September 27, 2013 at 10:18 pm

    Let the lawsuits begin!
    This will transpire all because of Greg Kisela’s kneejerk reaction, simplistic solutions, and attempt to be the man of the hour to the city council and Ted Noftall. No Solomonic wisdom here. Just the attempt of a weak little man to cannibalize those he perceives to be vulnerable to achieve pressing political ends. This done out of perceived expediency without any critical thinking or consideration for what is right. If you can coheres them they will fall into place, strategy 101 from lawsuits 101 via Elgin Jones in Fort Lauderdale.
    And what will Mr. Kisela say about his morally abhorrent and ethically destitute decision at the city council meeting on Tuesday night? “Well, this is a very complex situation”. Isn’t this his stock answer after every one of his screw-ups is exposed? He starts off by ensuring that he has a very simple fix to an existing problem and then when the simple fix backfires he reverts to his canned excuse that this is a very complex problem. The council needs to wake up fast and finally perform their due diligence on this guy.
    There were around a million dollars’ worth of employees lawsuits in Fort Lauderdale paid out because of this guy and he was reprimanded by the CEO down there. There were numerous EEOC lawsuits from employees that prevailed because of actions directly attributed to him. He was almost voted out by the city council in Destin Florida several times and was involved in a burial plot for sale scandal in Destin. He must have an affinity to burial plots because he said he was going to order one for an African American employee down in Fort Lauderdale that was butting heads with him which resulted in that city having to pay out $455,000.
    Mayor Allen Green said he has a lot of Ken Parker in him when he was first selected. Did the Mayor Know just before he came here he was fired as the Walton County administrator after 6 months on the job and given a golden parachute of cash before coming here.
    This whole situation with this roger Smith settlement is nauseating and if the council does not act fast I am sure that this will be just the tip of the iceberg. Take the advice of Walton County and give this falling knife his walking papers before there is any more collateral damage.

  • September 28, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    Limberger cheese stinks to high heaven but this situation smells much, much worse.

    • October 1, 2013 at 11:14 am

      As a former long time employee of the utilities department I have no love loss for the past Director. He made my life a living hell for the time he was there. I’m not sure that he did anything illegal in just granting administrative time off because it says in the civil service rules that he had the authority. He went overboard with the amount. A lot of innocent people including myself that worked under him have paid dearly for it and gave their pound of flesh in order to appease some vocal people and as Mr. Kisela said so we can put this behind us and move on to other matters.
      Well that didn’t happen, did it? There is still 2 people there that tried to cover it up. Why? People know who they are. Roger is gone, why not them? Finish the job!
      Now we have a new Director with a checkered past employment history that has already started disrespecting long time employees by labeling them as trouble makers and calling them names. We are dangerously about to lose a few excellent very experienced and knowledgeable employees due to the hostile work environment that has been created by management. One thing you people need to understand is that operations and maintenance of utilities systems are completely specialized fields. These are the people that operate and maintain the operation of the treatment plants and facilities that make it all work. these are very complex and high tech jobs.
      You can’t go to the private sector and find people that can just walk in and do this work. It takes years of work and training to become proficient enough to give the citizens a safe and reliable product that meets the high standards set in the federal and state rules and regulations. We’re talking about the safety and health of anyone that uses water and sewer. You better treat these people right. They keep you healthy and safe.
      The city needs to recruit and train young people in these areas as we have an aging workforce. Someone needs to replace them when they retire. Right now because the uncompetitive wages and benefits that we offer we have become a training ground for other utilities that offer better pay and benefits. I hear people whining about city employee pay and making comparisons to the private sector. When it comes to utilities operation and maintenance there is no comparison.
      Right now management seems bent on running off the good experienced employees and not the future. This is getting to a critical point. We need good forward thinking management and the council needs to get behind it and follow through.


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