Is Green The Real Problem ?


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Is there any doubt that  Allen Green’s election as Mayor  following Dorothy Hukill was the catalyst that started the decline in our City administration,  or that Green has personally  led that decline  for the past decade to the to the point where it is the  laughing stock it has become.
Sure Green was aided by voting lackeys of useful idiot stature in the form Martin, Pohlmann and Kennedy,  and a  manipulative self serving manager more than willing conduct City  business  in the shadows.
But the heart of the continuing  decline  lies squarely in the back room dealings  of a bitter small minded  individual lacking fundamental regard for anyone but himself.
His personal vendetta with the Fire department,  his disparaging characterizations of new residents many of whom are retirees and his  admissions to personal knowledge that he did not share with the rest of Council regarding the likely illegal Funeral home purchase from his buddy Lacouur,  the hush money retirement arrangement with Shely,  and the payroll fraud information given to him in July 2012 and that did not become public until 9 months later  leave little doubt regarding his sense of self importance.
Greens antics could likely continue unabated for years more but for the lack of  a  Manager smart enough to not permit events to spin out of control on an  almost  daily basis, and Bob Ford who is about to hit stride in exposing both Green and Kisela.
Increasingly more and more people see the intellect and convection of Bob Ford as our next Mayor as  few have any expectations for Kennedy or the  opportunistic   Burnett who if he gets his finger any higher in the political wind will likely be declared a  hazard to aviation by the FAA.
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2 thoughts on “Is Green The Real Problem ?

  • September 30, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    Did you mean convection or conviction?

  • September 30, 2013 at 10:59 pm

    I definitely vote for Ford as the next mayor! We may need to get him a testosterone patch and get him back into the gym but he has the wisdom and intelligence to compensate for that. I was not suggesting anything detrimental to Mr. Fords masculinity because he has certainly proved that time and time throughout his life. I am just saying that although he is wise, the ravages of age have a way of depleting the nads and warrior instinct.
    I think Ford as mayor would be a great choice, and all he needs is a fresh young, enthusiastic and balanced council. I think Noftall, Berman, Shaffer, and White are all egomaniacal travesties that would be any mayor’s nightmare and downfall.
    Bastian is a keeper if he develops a balanced perspective and doesn’t get too gaga over the firemen. Burnett may be a keeper if he tones down the ego and develops more of a balanced perspective. That leaves two more councilman we need. Is it possible Kennedy can be one of them. He would have to prove that he is more than just an appendage of Allen Green. At the end of the day these are elected officials and as the people’s choice their being elected is evidence of their constituency.
    As to the same four moron city activists that seem to run city council meetings through their persistence, it is obvious that these four have little or no constituency and are simply representing their own egos and self interest. The new mayor and council need to devise a strategy to muzzle these bafoons by placing them in a debating environment that will expose them for what they are which is a bunch of political opportunists that are out of touch with what this bedroom community really needs and wants.


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