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TAXPAYER MONEY September 30, 2013 6:55 AM
“ROB POUST”    hayal7@hotmail.com
To: “Allen Green” <AllenG@port-orange.org> “Bob Ford” <bford@port-orange.org> “Drew Bastian” <dbastian@port-orange.org> dkennend@port-orange.org “Don Burnette” <dburnette@port-orange.org> “Greg Kisela” <gkisela@port-orange.org> “Ted Noftall” <ted@tednoftall.com>

Port Orange City Council, City Manager, Ted Noftall,
I noticed that City Council is preparing to make a settlement with Roger Smith at the upcoming council meeting. I would like to refresh your memory and have a copy of a letter I sent to all of you on March 5,2013. This started the second investigation. Everything I said was true wasn’t it.
Roger was forced to quit. John Diamond was fired. Mayor Green was not investigated and Rick Wilson has not been fired. The log book kept by Shirley Treon was mentioned in my letter. Almost everyone knew that this book was around for better than 10 years.
Did Mayor Green share with council the information I brought to him in person with a witness on July 14,2012 at his residence or did everyone know this because of the letter I sent you all on March 5,2013. This was six months later after I went to the Mayor and the City did their internal investigation and found nothing.
I think before you close out this investigation it should be properly finished. Not everyone involved has been punished. All you had to do is ask all the employees the right questions and all the information would have come out as I said in my letter.
What happened to the log book kept by Shirley Treon? I think that question should be answered. I worked and gave good service to the City for almost 30 years. I went to the Mayor as a whistleblower with the truth and all of a sudden I was forced to retire or be fired for false allegations that were made about me. I was scared to lose my benefits and retired. The information that I gave to the mayor was all true and most of it was finally shown in the second investigation.
Why was it covered up until I sent you the letter in March 2013? Who covered it up? I think all of these people should be fired too. I was wrongfully retired and this investigation backs that up because I only told the truth. I intend to hire a lawyer in the near future to find out what can be done for what happened to me.
Maybe I deserve my job back. I am sorry that this was taken out on my former coworkers and all the ones that were responsible were not
Please finish this investigation all the way.
Rob Poust

One thought on “Whistle Blower Defense League & Taxpayer Money

  • September 30, 2013 at 9:24 pm

    Once upon a time in the mythical village of Dysfunction Junction there was a surly troll named Pob Roust who worked for the township’s utility field crew. He worked there for many years with his coworkers on a politically incorrect crew where his fellow ruffians worked together, after work drank together, hunted together, fished together, etc. Ornery as he was, he was an honest cuss with no lie in him. He sure did exasperate upper management and his direct supervisor, and although he was a supervisor himself, he did not fit into their politically correct and obsequious little click. So with the help of upper management and personnel, and with the bribe of a promotion to his subordinates that lived from pay check to paycheck, his immediate supervisor was able to railroad him into a forced resignation by holding the fear of losing his pension over his head.
    Mr. Roust did not go into the night gently though because he was privy to certain things about his counter part colleague and his immediate supervisor that would ultimately be their downfall. He revealed these things to the Mayor of Dysfunction Junction at the mayor’s residence accompanied by a witness. He revealed that his counterpart was falsifying payroll and converting city property to his own personal benefit. He also revealed that his supervisor was also committing wholesale payroll fraud. Later speculative allegations would arise about this very same supervisor taking vacations with a contractor that was his personal friend that he procured as a sole source contactor for the city. These vacations would involve numerous trips such as one to Fort Lauderdale as a member of the contractor’s auto racing pit crew and a vacation to the sunny Florida Keys. This contractor also landed a lucrative contract replacing two inch water meters and was paid many times the amount city workers could have done this on overtime. This was a sweet two way deal and the interim management in public utilities with two female administrators that did not know their ass from a whole in the ground did not catch what was going on with this supervisor and contractor, Needles to say, the mayor did not inform council and waited to way after the elections to conduct an ineffectual inquiry utilizing an administrator who ultimately may have complicity in a cover up.
    Prior to this the supervisor had been promoted by the then Utilities Director to Assistant Public Utilities Director. Mr. Roust who was now railroaded and out of a job persisted on his quest to reveal the truth and with the deck stacked against him with administrative obfuscation he was still successful in uncovering the theft of city property or at least the lying thereof of his counterpart and the payroll fraud perpetrated by the Utility Director. The only ones that escaped his efforts were the Assistant Utilities Director and the wily old mayor.
    As an ancillary historical overview, a long term consultant who with the consent of the long term city manager, and calls each year to the various divisions from department heads heralding the administrative approval of ABC Liquor Store gift certificates to be distributed by the consultant to all city employees, these employees would enjoy this advertising gift as part of their city benefit. Season tickets to Jacksonville Jaguar games and basketball games to public administration staff were just one way of saying we love your business. And so this long term relationship, as well as others was intimately known by the Utility Director who would soon be the victim of his own malfeasance and the ghost of Pob Roust.
    Even though he was forced into his professional demise, this Utility Director’s own ghost has come back to haunt to village of Dysfunction Junction. This ghost knows the pervasiveness of all the cover-ups and the complicities that will bring out all the dirty laundry of the bus drivers who have had a sense of entitlement for so long. There are those in high places that will sacrifice the innocent and sell their own souls to appease the ghost of this utility director at the meeting of meetings and make a demonic offering to extend their lies and day of reckoning a little longer. What they did not count on is the resurrection of the ghost of Pob Roust who has come forth as the angel of death to remind them of justice and retribution. Now their souls are between a rock and a hard place and will get pressed out of measure. There are four other dignitaries beside the mayor that have the responsibility to decide whether Dysfunction Junction is dysfunctional by chance or by choice. If they make the wrong decision then Dysfunction Junction will be forever doomed to be dysfunctional by choice. If they choose what is right and just Dysfunction Junction will shed its dysfunctionality and become the Junction with the Right Function.


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