City Residency for Employees

housingCity Residency for Employees

 October 2, 2013 11:58 AM
To:”Bob Ford” <> “Allen Green” <> “Drew Bastian” <> “Dennis Kennedy” <> “Don Burnette” <>
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I wanted to echo some of the thoughts last night in regards to residency by department heads and city employees.  I do think it should be mandatory moving forward that ALL department heads for the City should be required to live within the city limits of Port Orange.  Having worked and lived in the City of Port Orange for over two decades, I think it always kept me more in tune with my City because I not only had a professional connection, but also a personal one.  It’s just a good thing!
I also wanted to inquire as to whether or not the City can give hiring preferences and incentives for employees to live within the City limits.  We should prefer employees for the PD, Fire, Public Works, Public Utilities, Community Develpoment and Code Enforcement living in the City.   I think that employees that have a more personal connection to the City will ultimately have more pride in their work and produce a better work product in the long run.
Thanks for your time!
Scott Stiltner

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