INCOMING ! (Solar Storm )

latestSunNOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center
2013-10-02 03:09   Geomagnetic Storm Starts Early –  CME = coronal mass ejection.  (Solar Flare )
The awaited CME passed the ACE spacecraft around 0100 UTC on October 2 (9:00 p.m. EDT October 1), sooner than forecasters had expected. G1 (Minor) Geomagnetic Storming now prevails, with the prospects of G2 (Moderate) levels still to come. The shock had no effect on the current Solar Radiation Storm, still declining through the S1(Minor) category. Aurora watchers in North America may want to check the skies in the next few hours.

2013-10-02 21:19   Geomagnetic Storming Persists
Although the solar wind has returned to more normal conditions, it is still gusting and causing the geomagnetic activity that began early on October 2nd to linger. Category G1 (Minor) conditions are being observed and are possible through 0600 UTC October 3 (2:00 a.m. EDT). The Solar Radiation Storm of the past few days has ended.

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