Two Cover Up's and then some

TedNoftall11:02 AM

to Iamblicus, Robin

Sadly counsel did not perform well.    Drunk on their own sense of self importance, they foolishly decreed that a wound that is still full of pus be stitched-up and all will end well because after all that is what they  decreed.    So it is written,  so shall it be done.
Last evening was a cover-up of a cover-up.
The 1st  cover-up was the  detailed fraud allegations that Mayor and former Manager received in July 2012 which they did not make public, nor did they refer those allegations to the November 2012  Moore Stephens Loveless investigation or to the initial January 2013 CRI investigation.
The 2nd cover-up was the fact that the payroll fraud extended to administrators beyond Roger Smith and departments beyond utilities.
My public records  request for all material related to this investigation should be filled today,  as Chief Monahan confirmed last evening that the criminal investigation will be closed this morning.
I will gladly copy you with same at that time.
Ted Noftall


From: Iamblicus
Sent: Tuesday, October 01, 2013 10:43 PM
Subject: Council Presentation

Your council presentation was good but incomplete. There were two long term city employees who the police video tape interviewed on the Roger Smith investigation with impeccable records throughout their career with the city. Two employees that were interviewed had their attorneys were  present and also audio recorded their testimony. The State Whistleblower Statute was invoked.

 Two highly credible employees tesitfied that they witnessed the Public Utilities engineer brag that he and the current Assistant Utility Director disposed of the Shirley book and a number of witnesses saw him take a bow. All this was witnessed by Donna Stienebach and the police have video taped testimony.

 The police also received video taped testimony by two highly credible witnesses that Mike Ulrich gave out admin time wholesale and that there was a period of time where this  was on the calendar and spreadsheet when Roger was not even in Public Utilities but when Mike Ulrich or Shannon Lewis were in charge. This is testimony that Sargent Dorman received that was videotaped that he demonstrated abject disinterest in.
 The third credible witness to all this was invoked by both of the credible witnesess with impeccable work histories and not only was not called in but was not even mentioned on the list of witnesses to be called in. Two of the witnesses have tape recorded transcripts of their police interview, so if the transcripts that the police release do not match up than you know how far the corruption goes.
The bottom line is both law enforcement officers lied their asses off at the council meeting tonight and apparently no one including councilman Ford gives a shit. Ford suspects collusion and pervasiveness but he just cannot accept the fact that those law enforcement officers were lying their asses off. I am so utterly sad that my colleagues and I have spent the better part of our lives committed to such a corrupt organization.
Ford was the last hope but apparently in the end he is the biggest hypocrite of them all.Was of the witnesses with 36 years with the city and advanced diabetes was constructively terminated by being effectively forced to resign. The only two people telling the truth that are left will probably be fed to the lions in the future once everyone that is guilty or are complicit are secure in the fact that are city officials and law enforcement officers have effectively let them skate for self serving political reasons.
I would ask for a copy of all of the transcripts when they become available. I know two people that will check them against their own audio recordings to see if they have been doctored. Good luck and maybe this is not over yet and justice still may prevail.

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