Doesn’t This Mean That Parker is Responsible For All Of This?

ParkerPort Orange, Fla.  Submitted by Retiree on 2013/10/06 at 3:04 pm

I am a retiree in Port Orange and I have been following the blog on the administrative time issuance fiasco that has been recently an item of concern for some time. I watched last Tuesday’s council meeting, and after much consideration of what I heard regarding the Roger Smith settlement and what was communicated at that meeting, I have a number of valid questions that I would like to ask, and get the feedback of others citizens on.
It was communicated that Ken Parker was questioned by police and gave testimony that although he did not specifically authorize the administrative leave that Mr. Smith issued to his subordinates, he felt that Mr. Smith’s intentions were good, and that he truly believed that he did have that discretion.
It was also communicated on Tuesday at the meeting that Mr. Parker said he was aware of the administrative leave that Mr. Smith had previously issued, and that back in 2012 he spoke to him about it and told him to desist from issuing anymore leave. Mr. Parker did not reprimand , terminate, or expose what Mr. Smith had done at that point in time. Seeing that no disciplinary action was taken by Mr. Parker at that time toward Mr. Smith, and that shortly thereafter Mr. Smith was assigned to Public Works as the Interim Public Works Director, and the issuance of administrative leave according to records had ceased and desisted from that time forward, what exactly was Mr. Smith being investigated for, or why was he forced to resign?.
Parker’s statement that he told Mr. Smith to stop issuing the time back in 2012 while not taking any disciplinary action against him and making a statement to the police to this effect is prima fascia evidence that by implication and practice Mr. Parker had given Mr. Smith full amnesty for any transgressions that had occurred prior to 2012. Since their were no additional incidents of the transgression of administrative leave issuance, conventional wisdom and logic would lead to my following questions.

  • 1. If Parker’s statement was that he knew about Mr. Smith’s issuance of administrative leave why did this become an issue in the C.R.I. payroll audit?
  • 2. If Parker Knew about Mr. Smith’s issuance of administrative leave back in 2012 and effectively gave him amnesty back then why was Mr. Smith forced to resign?
  • 3. If Parker knew about the administrative leave back in 2012 and did not reprimand or terminate Mr. Smith for it why did the city conduct a police investigation on Mr. Smith?
  • 4. If Parker knew about Mr. Smith’s issuance of administrative leave back in 2012 and effectively done nothing about it doesn’t that mean that Parker is responsible for all of this?
  • 5. If Ken Parker knew about Mr. Smith’s issuance of administrative leave back in 2012 and gave him a free ticket on it back then what immediate action is the mayor and city council going to take against Ken Parker to see that he is held fully responsible, punished, and makes full financial restitution for what was communicated on POG TV last Tuesday night?

Do we need to establish a citizen’s committee to review all this that is made up of prominent citizens that really want to get to the bottom of all of this?

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  • October 6, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    Retiree has got this about 90% correct in the first pass. I am impressed. Let me add a couple of things that Retiree may not have picked up, or at least did not state.
    The July 2012 Poust payroll fraud allegations which have subsequently been proven to be correct were not reported directly to the former Manager. They were reported to the Mayor. The Mayor by his own admission took them to the Manager. Those 2 gentlemen as had been their long standing practice, decided what action would be taken, And who would be informed ……….. which subsequent events tell us was no one, AND nothing — beyond the Manager telling the Utilities Director to stop committing fraud on Port Orange taxpayers.
    The reason Counsel got their shorts in a knot and forced the current Manager to set Roger Smith up as the singular fall guy in March 2013 was because that was when they finally heard what the Mayor and Manager had learned and had kept from them for the previous 8 months AND THEY WERE EMBARRASSED.
    Retiree and others can decide for themselves just how culpable the former Manager was in all of this and whether his name should be removed from the amphitheatre at City Center.

  • October 9, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    Is that why the current manager marginalized Mr. Poust being called into the current investigation by saying back in March of 2012 Poust declined an interview with him or the police? Could it be that Poust was turned into a pariah at that time with no moral support? Maybe he was threatened with the potentiality of a lawsuit if he could not prove his allegations.
    In course of time, as regards the allegations Poust made about Roger Smith and John Diamond Poust was proven to be honest and true in his initial call and extremely accurate. The only reason he did not bat 100% is the extremes the powers that be have gone to cover the evidence regarding Poust’s other allegations.
    Then at the eleventh hour before the whitewash investigation has concluded Poust sends an email out to the powers that be indicating that he is ready to come out. Is this because Poust realizes that there are now others that will corroborate the rest of his allegations and that his other successes have paved the way for his credibility?
    Was Poust excluded from the current inquiry for the same reason as several other creditable witnesses were also excluded and were even failed to be mentioned as individuals recommended by current witnesses? Poust was the key to start with and his propitious return and willingness to participate in the present investigation may have been shut down because his testimony would have completed the truth he initially attempted to reveal.
    Why was Rob Poust shut down?
    Concerned Citizen


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