Daytona Beach Police Chief Tackles Suspect

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Two men wanted in Tampa, Horrett Chison and Tommy Clark, were arrested in Daytona Beach Monday.
Chief of police Michael Chitwood ended up tackling one of the suspects.
Chison was adamant that he was innocent, but investigators said he and Clark were involved in two vicious crimes.
One was a home invasion in which someone’s throat was slit. The second was a carjacking in which the victim was shot multiple times.
“If these allegations are true these guys are pretty dangerous and they don’t have any respect for life or property,” Chitwood said.
Daytona Beach police chief Chitwood said Crimestoppers of Tampa Bay tipped off his detectives that the two were hiding out in a motel.
Police surrounded the place and chased them down when they were about to leave.
Chitwood himself ended up tackling one of the suspects.
Investigators said the suspects claimed they were in Daytona Beach to visit a friend.
Both of them are going to Tampa to face charges, investigator said.
“It was good, nobody got hurt, bad guys are in custody and we will ship them back to Tampa,” Chitwood said.
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