Why Was Rob Poust Allegations Marginalized?

Submitted on 2013/10/09 at 8:47 pm

silanceIs that why the current manager marginalized Mr. Poust being called into the current investigation by saying back in March of 2012 Poust declined an interview with him or the police? Could it be that Poust was turned into a pariah at that time with no moral support? Maybe he was threatened with the potentiality of a lawsuit if he could not prove his allegations.
In course of time, as regards the allegations Poust made about Roger Smith and John Diamond Poust was proven to be honest and true in his initial call and extremely accurate. The only reason he did not bat 100% is the extremes the powers that be have gone to cover the evidence regarding Poust’s other allegations.
Then at the eleventh hour before the whitewash investigation has concluded Poust sends an email out to the powers that be indicating that he is ready to come out. Is this because Poust realizes that there are now others that will corroborate the rest of his allegations and that his other successes have paved the way for his credibility?
Was Poust excluded from the current inquiry for the same reason as several other creditable witnesses were also excluded and were even failed to be mentioned as individuals recommended by current witnesses? Poust was the key to start with and his propitious return and willingness to participate in the present investigation may have been shut down because his testimony would have completed the truth he initially attempted to reveal.
Why was Rob Poust shut down?
Concerned Citizen

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  • October 10, 2013 at 11:51 pm

    For Pete’s sake! Just look at the video evidence. Parker on POG back in early 2013 saying he knew nothing about Smith and the admin time. .Not to mention Chief Monaham last Tuesday on POG saying Parker’s Skype testimony asserting that bible toting and contrite Roger Smith was an honorable man who never lied to Parker and in the summer of 2012 came clean to Parker when Parker confronted him on the issuance of administrative leave. All this after Green revealed Rob Poust’s allegations to Parker without the council’s knowledge for another 8 months. Can you say political embarrassment? I knew you could!
    According to Chief Monoham, Parker’s Skype testimony was to the effect that Roger was under the inadvertent impression that he had the delegated authority under the civil service discretionary rule to issue this time to deserving exempt employees on behalf of the city manager. Parker’s testimony was that he informed Roger of his misinterpretation of the situation and that he simply should desist from doing this in the future. Roger did not issue any more administrative time after that although Craig Kisela compelled him to resign for something that Parker would not admit at that time that he gave him clemency for but recently revealed this in testimony to the Port Orange Police investigator. Parker’s authority as the city manager gave him the discretion to approve the administrative leave which Parker certainly invoked by covering Smith in the summer of 2012 per his recent Skype testimony to Port Orange Police Department in connection with the recent criminal investigation.Thank goodness for stipulation releases like Smith signed and the short sightedness of Smith and his attorney’s because he was royally screwed by Ken Parker and the powers that be. Wow, if only FDLE was involved in this and could dissect this criminal whitewash!
    If there is any integrity left within the context of city government, namely the city council this cannot be laid to rest. A citizens investigatory committee should be established to pursue a proper administrative investigation to look into this situation and determine the extent of the cover-up and determine if this should be turned over to FDLE for a proper criminal investigation. This committee should be able to unveil whether there are administrative penalties under the city civil service rules and employee collective bargaining contract that would compel immediate punitive action to be determined by evidence of malfeasance or misfeasance within the organization. I strongly suggest that Ted Noftall be one of the people on this citizens investigative committee. He is a pit bull and with the help of honest people that will invariably come to his aid he and other prominent citizens on the committee will invariably be able to finally get all the truth out and finally clean our city up.
    This contradictory and diametrically opposed information from Parker can be compared by POG videos from March of 2012 and from Monoham’s revelations on last Tuesday’s POG video. This being said, either Parker committed perjury in his testimony to the police or he lied to the council and the citizens of Port Orange on POG television back in March of 2012. This will inevitably come out one way or the other in due time. Does any one with any integrity care about this incongruence? Maybe Parker should have a sit down with the pastor of his church and decide whether he wants to finally clear his deceitful soul.

  • October 11, 2013 at 7:43 am

    Concerned Citizen,
    So let me get this straight, the man who started this whole investigation refused to talk to investigators after he sent an email to this website and now his word is truth? I mean really if anyone else had done that you would have dismissed him with a wave of your hand. If it had been the manger or anyone in government you would have said they were hiding something, but not now you totally believe a man that published an email claiming that payroll fraud was happening in the city, then when asked to give testimony to his accusation he says “sorry I am not interested in talking”.
    What this shows is how people are so one sided in their beliefs, could it be that this man also benefitted from this payroll fraud? When he was “forced to retire” as he likes to claim he made a huge accusation but didn’t want to implicate himself in the whole mess. If he took anytime off and did not have it docked from his pay then he is just as bad as everyone else in this mess.
    Why don’t you ask why he refused to testify when asked the first time? Rob Poust was shut down because when he made claims he refused to back them up in a legal document that would put him in a place where he would have to possibly admit that he himself received the same benefits that would make him not a whistle blower but just a employee looking for revenge.


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