Woman to accused thieves: Your outcome won't be well

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. —Two men face charges in Daytona Beach after a string of criminal acts, according to officers, and the victim had a message for them.
Ermanti Holmes, 23, and Ronald Denson, 21, were booked into the Volusia County Jail on Wednesday.
Police investigators said Holmes and Denson were armed when they pushed a woman down and took her purse.
“He tackled me but I kinda got down and he flew over me,” said Samantha Schmidt.
After the attack, the men drove off in a Lexus, stolen from a car carrier, officials said.
They allegedly then broke into a home after attacking a woman in her own driveway on Maplewood, police said.
Detectives said the men were found hiding in the home. They were apprehended and charged.
“You don’t attack a woman.  You don’t go into people’s houses and steal.  I hope you’re watching this and I’m going to pray for you because I don’t think your outcome is going to be very well,” Schmidt said, referring to a possible third suspect.
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