Is It D.B. Shores Intention to Give All of Their Sewer Business to Daytona Beach

Ted Noftall
5:42 PM

to Greg, Bob, Dennis, don, Drew
The agenda packet  for this item includes  page 6 of the CRI  report which notes an under billing of $ 212,000 to DBS for water rate entry errors and $ 908,000  under billing  errors for energy fees on sewer consumption.   Several questions need to be answered.

  • 1)    What has become of the $212,000 ??   Was it paid or  forgiven,  or is it part of the current $ 908,894.02 dispute amount as per the attached Port Orange invoices to DBS ??
  • 2)   If it is the latter  what is the breakdown of the $ 904,892.02  as between sewer charges and water charges.
  • 3)   If the proposed settlement is based on  fair and equitable charges for sewer plant services,  why would any portion of that settlement be returned to other than  sewer plant operations ??
  • 4)   Mr. Booker’s  letter of 09-25-2013 states   “ ….. that  DBS has no intention of mixing the PO/DBS sewer dispute with any type of sewer contract extension”  and  I would like to know where this linkage came from and who authorized same ??
  • 5)   As word on the street has  DBS  signaling their intention to  give all of their sewer business to Daytona Beach and as  Booker’s  letter of September 25th would seem to confirm that intention perhaps it is time for Port Orange to divest itself of the water system it owns in DBS.

If you have not already  done so would you please  have Finance review their depreciation schedules and provide a quick approximation of that capital investment in time for tomorrow evening’s meeting ??
Thank you
Ted Noftall

From: Roberts, Margaret []
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2013 2:49 PM
To: City Council; Fenwick, Robin
Subject: Daytona Beach Shores Dispute
Mayor and City Council Members,
I just reviewed the audio of the Daytona Beach Shores meeting of September 24, 2013.  The Daytona Beach Shores Council voted to send the City of Port Orange the offer of settlement as provided in the Port Orange Council agenda item.  See also Mr. Booker’s letter of September 25 and my letter of today.  The contents of Mr. Booker’s letter was repeated in the public session and their council was also advised that the City of Port Orange representatives had not recommended a settlement.   Please contact me if you have any questions.
Margaret T.  Roberts


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