Port Orange Council Meeting 10/15/2013

coryDear Greg and Mayor,
I am asking the mayor to recues himself from voting on the ICI project that will be before the council tomorrow evening.
I am asking for this consideration because of the mayor’s s past friendship and  relationship with the principles at ICI  including his  securing $3,500 in campaign contributions from the ICI group of companies  for Bob Pohlmann during the last election.
Bob Pohlmann said he would recues himself from voting on all future ICI projects because of those donations and so should the Mayor considering he made the phone call that got Pohlmann those donations in the first place.  This was all stated in meetings previously.
Corey Berman

One thought on “Port Orange Council Meeting 10/15/2013

  • October 15, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    I almost find it insulting that Cory Bergman is still worried about my campaign contributions from last years election. While I did receive $3500 in campaign funds from ICI and their affiliates last year, I publicly committed to recuse myself from further votes pertaining to ICI projects. What I did not hear was a similar commitment from my opponent to recuse himself from issues relating to unions and union contracts. After all he raised over $20,000 from the unions locally, at the county level, and from the state level. I had a total about $8,000 raised with $3500 coming from ICI and affiliates the rest from Port Orange residents. People need to ask themselves which will cost Port Orange residents more over the long run. ICI building new homes that add to the tax revenue base or granting outrageous contracts to unions and their members here in Port Orange. The answer is obvious. Cory, will you ask our District 3 Council member to recuse himself from voting on future union contracts. Don’t be a hypocrite now.
    Now on to ICI. I am trying to figure out what Corey has against ICI Homes. Is it because Mori Hosseni is a successful businessman? Is it because ICI has invested heavily in Port Orange and built communities for our residents adding greatly to our tax base which in turn resulted in reasonable taxes for all residents in Port Orange. Exactly what is the issue Corey with you and ICI homes. Mr. Hosseni is a businessman and businessmen are in business to make money. That is the American way. Mr. Hosseni owns the property and has the right to build on that property if he has the proper zoning. I personally like R-4 zoning, I don’t like small lots. But some people like smaller lots and if they are willing to buy them, more power to them. All new projects are give and take between developers and cities. There are trade offs. There should always be a balance. Is building a new road to Pioneer Trail a good trade off. Well that’s a great start. Amenities to new development are what brings in customers to the new housing projects. The city should balance between adding new jobs locally, expanding our tax base to keep it affordable here in Port Orange for our residents, getting the much needed Williamson Blvd. extension to Pioneer Trail, developing commercial parcels to increase another tax base, and compare it to what the developer wants to make his project successful for him. We can’t just say no just because you don’t like someone. You never know, you may live in Woodhaven some day.
    Bob Pohlmann


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