Will Mayor Green Recuse Himself ?


Palmetto Pal <palmettopal95@gmail.com> 8:46 PM

Last summer ICI paid fiddler Green in the form of a $ 3,500 contribution to team player Pohlmann’s campaign,  and at tomorrow’s Council meeting ICI  is going to call the tune in the form of approval of the Woodhaven “concessions galore” project.
While our thanks go out to Corey Berman for having the courage to call on the  mayor to recues himself on that vote we believe there is a fat chance of that happening, (no pun intended)  as the mayor is to far indebted to start worrying about Port Orange citizens at this point.
Palmetto Pal

One thought on “Will Mayor Green Recuse Himself ?

  • October 15, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    Not sure who palmetto pal is but I will be man enough to sign my real name. This is Bob Pohlmann, former vice-mayor and former city councilman for 9 years. I played nice last year during the election and did not resort to name calling such as the phrase “team player Pohlmann”. If fact I never brought up the point that virtually all the money donated to my opponent was union money from both locally and the state and did not insult my opponent by calling him “union money……..”. It is so easy for someone who has never sat on the council to spit out stupid comments such as palmetto pal. I am proud of the 9 years I served on the council and enjoyed working every minute with Mayor Green. There were certainly some issues we did not agree on and there are some issues I do not agree with his vote over the last year. I can assure you that I was an independent vote at all times. It would be sad to forget about the important part that Allen Green played making this a great community. If playing a small part in trying to make this a better community for our 56,000 residents was reflective of being part of a team I was proud to be part of that team. I sign my real name.
    Bob Pohlmann


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