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Thank you for you sharing your opinion with us!  Your elected officials in Washington need to hear from you, too.  Please take a brief moment to let them know how important it is to quickly address this issue.
Surveys routinely show that lawmakers are heavily influenced by messages and phone calls from their constituents.  And, it’s easy to speak out!
Dear Congressman,
As a concerned constituent and a fellow Floridian, I’m writing to urge you to stop the disastrous flood insurance rate hikes that threaten Florida’s economy and communities.
The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act contains a little-known provision that saddles 268,000 Floridians with massive rates hikes. Unless this problem is addressed, many Floridians could see rates as much as 3,000 percent higher than what they’re paying now. That’s just not affordable.
Over the years, Floridians have paid more than $16 billion into the National Florida Insurance Program, but we’ve received less than a fourth of that back in claims. We’re a donor state—big time!
Please work to delay this dangerous rate-hike provision of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act and prohibit funds from being used to implement rate increases. This isn’t just a threat to Florida homeowners, it’s a threat to our economy.
Thank you,
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