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Attention to Detail   October 17, 2013 7:29 AM
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Have had several citizens advise me that often damaged, unsightly, hazardous situations around the City tend to be ignored by the City. A number of years ago reacting to the very same problem, the police department as part of its community policing initiative instituted “Action Grams”. These were forms where the officer noting a sign down or destroyed, a code violation, or a hazard would fill out a brief form which would be forwarded automatically to a designated location for action by the appropriate city department.
It was very successful and the City Manager expanded the program to all City Departments. For some reason, this program (as well as others) was abandoned. We need to reinstitute action grams, perhaps updated and made electronic.
Bob Ford


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  • October 17, 2013 at 7:23 pm

    sorry for the delay in responding. I understand the Action Gram program is still in place. The Police Department is reinforcing the program to its resources. If you recall the 2012 external customer satisfaction survey revealed the organization needed to do a better job following up on complaints. We have been looking at a new software program that will track both internal and external complaints. I like it because it is web based and can map the areas where specific issues are occurring. Daytona Beach and Edgewater are both using the system. We should be able to roll it out by the end of the year.
    Greg Kisela
    City Manager


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