Have Some Things Run Off The Rails in City of Port Orange Government ?

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We totally agree with you and others, that something may have run off the rails in Port Orange.  It has not gone unnoticed by us that you have been trying to resolve some of the deficiencies within the city’s internal communications for more than a year.
Below is a link to a video clip and some old city hall emails about this issue.  Via a Dec. 6, 2012 email, former City Manager Parker said they are working on it.  Via a Aug.13, 2013 email the current manager said they are still working on it.
We know the wheels of government move slowly, but the long delay in resolving this issue is perplexing.   Who and why is someone at City Hall dragging their feet on this problem.
Long ago, many local governments and large corporations have established Virtual Help Desk with ticket systems, that internally & externally help track the complaints; request; concerns and recommendations of users.  Many of these applications are available for free via the Internet, and could be up and running within a few days.
As a case at point, recently it was noted in the city email files, the City Manager and a local Councilman had to personally go out to check a complaint about a boat parked on city property.  A prime example of a inefficient use of an executives time.  It is hard to believe that no one else at a lower level within the city’s workforce knows what a boat looks like.
The read file is also full of other issues unnecessarily taken up the Managers time, (with some of those issues falling thru the cracks), that could easily be addressed and tracked by a Virtual Help Desk.
Bob, keep trying, sooner of later they will see the light, that by using some internet tools and applications will make city management functions more efficient.

Attention to Detail   October 17, 2013 7:29 AM
Bob_Ford_20082-150x150From: “Bob Ford” <bford@port-orange.org>
To:”Greg Kisela” <gkisela@port-orange.org>

Have had several citizens advise me that often damaged, unsightly, hazardous situations around the City tend to be ignored by the City. A number of years ago reacting to the very same problem, the police department as part of its community policing initiative instituted “Action Grams”. These were forms where the officer noting a sign down or destroyed, a code violation, or a hazard would fill out a brief form which would be forwarded automatically to a designated location for action by the appropriate city department.
It was very successful and the City Manager expanded the program to all City Departments. For some reason, this program (as well as others) was abandoned. We need to reinstitute action grams, perhaps updated and made electronic.
Bob Ford


2 thoughts on “Have Some Things Run Off The Rails in City of Port Orange Government ?

  • October 17, 2013 at 5:23 pm

    Mr. Kisela,
    I would like to echo the comments by Councilman Ford in your read file in regards to the Action Gram program. As a police officer starting in 1989 with Port Orange, the Action Gram was already an established program and for years was used City wide very effectively. Personally I would estimate that I processed well over 200 action grams during my tenure.
    The concept is to get EVERY employee in the City to buy into a theory that regardless of their job title or position, they ALL have a responsibility to take a proactive approach of noticing issues that need to be addressed. Generally the issues are minor in nature, but none the less important to the overall picture of maintaining a quality community. Some of the items that were probably most noted were; broken city sprinkler heads, damaged street signs, street lights out, pot holes, debris along roadways, problems in city parks, damaged or unsafe sidewalks, ordinance violations and code violations.
    The Action Gram form should be very non-labor intensive and quick to complete. A simple date, location of the issue and check the appropriate box should be sufficient. Every Police Officer, Firefighter, Code Enforcement Officer and Public Works employee should have action grams in their vehicles, know how to use them and be encouraged to do so on a regular basis. Utilizing and participating in this program should be part of the evaluation for employees that work in the field.
    There is no better level of service that can be offered to our residents then for City employees to identify issues that need to be addressed and have the ball rolling towards a solution well before a citizen has to report it. It is an easy program that yields great results if it is encouraged and monitored.
    Have a great day!
    Scott Stiltner

  • October 28, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    The Action Gram is a wonderful idea and tool for communication. But alas, the city of Port Orange would still need to have someone with authority delegated to see that the Action Grams are being taken seriously and worked on.
    hank springer http://www.port-orange.info


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