It Looks Like The New Jersey Turnpike

Fw: Dunlawton / Taylor   October 17, 2013 4:47 PM
From:  “Julie and Scott Stiltner” <>
To:   “Greg Kisela” <>
Mr. Kisela,
I know this was discussed briefly at the end of the last council meeting,
but please take a look at the attached picture.  This is Taylor Rd. at
Williamson facing east around 3:30pm today.  This has become a common
problem recently everyday between 3pm – 6pm.  Traffic is backing up in east
and west bound directions from Williamson to Clyde Morris Blvd. in a manner
I have not seen before.  What you can’t see in the picture is that behind me
there are about 6 vehicles stopped in the middle of the intersection that
were trying to make a left turn from south bound Williamson to go east but
could not clear the intersection.  Cars going north across the intersection
were having to manuver around the vehicles blocking the intersection.  Not
It seems to be worse since the opening of the Yorktown Blvd. extension.  Is
it possible that the sequence of the lights along Dunlawton / Taylor Rd. are
off and need to be adjusted.  Can FDOT be encouraged to take a look at this
and make adjustments.
Thanks for having someone look into this.
Scott Stiltner

One thought on “It Looks Like The New Jersey Turnpike

  • October 17, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    Having grown up in New Jersey, and sitting in traffic for hours on the NJ Turnpike coming back from the Jersey shore on a Sunday night, I can assure you this intersection looks nothing like the NJ Turnpike. However, I would agree that at certain times at night, usually between 4:30-6:00, the build up at this intersection has intensified over the last few years. I do not think the Yorktown extension adds to this. Much of the traffic heads south on Williamson Blvd. going to WatersEdge and Venetion Bay. It usually dissipates pretty quickly. Probably another good reason why the Pioneer Trail off ramp from I-95 is a good idea. Also true, the traffic lights should be adjusted for those times of day to allow better flow. Of course that is a state road and it is up to the state DOT to fix that.


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