What's Going On In Rose Bay ?

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Hi Paul,
We have noticed survey vessels (one named “Sea Deversified”) operating on Rose Bay west of the US-1 bridge during the  week. Today we noticed that a line of marking posts have been installed along the south shore of the bay.  We are concerned that some agency is planning something that might impact the Bay.
You may recall that several years ago, before the dredging of the bay occurred, FPl or a contractor, was found to be preparing for the placement of power cables through the bay.  They had failed to notify the City, the County or St Johns Water Management of their intentions.
Thankfully we caught this in time to allow coordination  with the dredging activity, which was in the planning stage at that time, to ensure that the cables were properly buried at a depth sufficient so as to not interfere with the dredging.
Are you aware of what’s  going on?
Please let us know.
Tom Quick
cc:  Robert Ford, Port Orange City Council.
Gregory Kisela, Port Orange City Manager
Harbor Oaks Area Homeowners Association, Inc  Board distribution

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