Are We Being Poisoned Via Fluoride Grants ?

fluoride 3Water Fluoridation (VIDEO)  October 22, 2013 1:39 PM
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Council Members and City Manager,
I would encourage all of you to take the time to watch the documentary titled “An Inconvenient Tooth.”  This is a documentary on the growing trend to stop fluoridating drinking water in the United States and around the world.  There is a great deal of new factual information that has come forth over the past couple of years about concerns with adding fluoride into our drinking water source.  I know the video is a bit lengthy, however the information is extraordinary and worth hearing.
For about a year I worked for a water filtration company called Pelican Water Systems.  I had a great deal of exposure to information about fluoridated water around the world.  I learned of some very alarming information about the risks of adding fluoride to drinking water sources.  Some of the information that I found concerned me the most was the following:
Almost 80% of all fluoride added to water in the United States is sold to the US from China as an industrial waste product.
Only about 7 countries in the world still add fluoride to their drinking water.
When a parent uses fluoridated water to mix with baby formula, they are giving the baby more than 200 times the amount of fluoride that naturally occurs in a mothers breast milk.
There has never been any scientific evidence that adding fluoride to drinking water actually provides ANY known health benefit.
One of the real problems is that once the fluoride is adding into the drinking water source, there is no way to regulate that every recipient is getting the same amount.  Thus it is possible for one homeowner in the city to get more fluoride in their water then a homeowner elsewhere in the city.
The dental industry has known for quite some time now that fluoride only benefits your teeth through topical application.
The dental industry has also know for quite some time that the majority of the people who brush there teeth, over expose their teeth and gums to fluoride by using too much tooth paste.  No one reads the direction on tooth paste, which by the way recommends no more then a “baby pea” size amount on the brush.
There is recent concern that excessive fluoride exposure is leading to increases in certain types of cancer and serious thyroid problems.
Since 1990 many municipal and county communities have allowed their residents to decide whether or not to continue adding fluoride to their water source.  The results show that 3 out of 5 communities, when given the opportunity to vote on the matter, have decided NOT to continue the practice of adding fluoride to their water source.
The bottom line is that there is a lot of new information out there that needs to be given close and careful consideration.
Thanks for your time.
Scott Stiltner


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