Is Bus Stop Bench Problems Solved ?

Perhaps the below info may be Port Orange’s answer to the Bus Bench problem.
Prior to retiring to Florida, I lived in a small town at the Jersey Shore.   Spring Lake, NJ  maintains a boardwalk along the beach, that also includes several pavilions and gazebos along same.   There are hundreds of benches along the boardwalk; pavilions and gazebos that are installed and maintained by the town.
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For more than 20 years all those benches had sponsors with a little plaque on the bench indicating the sponsors text. At times there was a long waiting list to sponsor a bench. The sponsors included commercial ventures, individuals and families, many benches were dedicated in memory of deceased Parents or Grandparent’s
nj-benches7  nj-benches11
Last years super-storm Sandy destroyed most of the boardwalks along the Jersey coast.  Many of the benches were damaged or lost in the storm, however, due to the type of bench used many survived just buried in the sand.
nj-benches10  VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100
VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100
A few months ago Spring Lake completed the reconstruction of the boardwalk.  Below is the towns notice to the bench sponsors, indicating that existing sponsors could get their bench replaced for $375,  or $1500 for new sponsorships.
Pat Nelan

Borough of Spring  Lake, NJ
2013 Bench Sponsorship
Previous sponsors of a bench will be given first option to sponsor a bench again.  However, you must act by July 8 at 4pm as we have a waiting list for sponsored benches.
Below you will find important information about how to renew your bench sponsorship.  If you did not previously have a sponsored bench, wait list information is included.
All sponsorship renewals will be processed online through the Borough’s Community Pass system.  This is the same service you may have used to purchase your beach badges and locker. (Click here for link to Capture Point) The system allows you to enter your personalized message and pay for your sponsorship with a credit card or e-check.  All renewal sponsorships will be verified for accuracy, including your previous bench sponsorship, before any sponsorship is approved.  No new sponsorships will be sold until a later date.
Current Beach Bench Sponsors:

  • *  The cost to sponsor your replacement bench is $375.00.  This includes the plaque and the engraving of up to four lines of text .  Each line includes 30 characters, including spaces
  • *  Benches will be located along the boardwalk and at the pavilions and gazebos
  • * We will make every effort to place benches in their previous locations, but this is not guaranteed.

The deadline for renewing your sponsorship is Monday, July 8 at 4pm.
New Beach Bench Sponsors:

  • *  New sponsorships will only become available if existing sponsors fail to meet the above deadline
  • *  Should benches become available, the cost of a new sponsorship is $1500.

Interested sponsors can add their name to the existing wait-list by clicking here.
Getting Started (Deadline is Monday, July 8 at 4pm)

  • *  Visit and click on 2013 Bench Sponsorship Program under Notices on the homepage or the Beach page.
  • *  Follow the onscreen instructions to establish a Spring Lake Community Pass Account, if you have not done so already.
  • *  Purchase your bench sponsorship. Deadline is Monday, July 8 at 4pm.

You will receive a confirmation email with your next steps.
Other Details:

  • *  All sponsorships are for the life of the bench only. The Borough will not be responsible for replacement.
  • *  The Borough will attempt to replace every bench in its previous location and honor location requests made at the time of registration, however, the location of the benches is not guaranteed.
  • *  Upon submission of payment and bench message, a final proof of the bench message must be approved within fourteen (14) days.  After that time, changes cannot be made to the bench message.
  • *  Original bench sponsors will be offered right of first refusal to renew a bench sponsorship.   Sponsorships that are not renewed will be offered to individuals on the waiting list.  There is a  limit of one bench per family.

Should you have any questions, please contact us  at (732) 449-0800 Ext. 605 or via email at
Please act by Monday, July 8 at 4pm to renew your bench sponsorship!

A bench plaque Lost-and-Found story.


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