Do Parties Involved Not Understand the Difference Between “Permit” and “License” ?

Proper Irrigation Permits / Licensing   October 25, 2013 11:01 AM
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Mr. Kisela,
Thanks for looking into this.  I remain concerned and a bit confused that parties involved do not understand the difference between “permit” and “license” (or certification), and perhaps it is I who is not reading and interpreting the information correctly.
Please see the three attachments for clarity.  Sec. 74-32 Defines “repair”  as “any action which involves the physical alteration or replacement of any part of a well below the established ground surface, including the physical alteration and replacement of any portion of an irrigation system.  Routine maintenance of sprinkler heads, fittings and line breaks do not require permitting.”  I do not see where this definition exempts the person making the repairs from still having to be licensed or obtaining appropriate certification as required in Sec. 74-36.
Sec. 74-36(1) states, Certification required.  No person shall install or repair a pump and/or irrigation system; or shall offer to perform the installation or repair of said system, unless the person holds a valid certificate of competency From the Department as a pump and irrigation contractor.  Such certificate of competency shall only be issued to a natural person or a person representing a business corporation, association, partnership, company or trust.”  It seems to me that “repair” as defined above, does in fact require the appropriate certificate or license to do basic maintenance such as line breaks sprinkler head replacement, etc . .
There is however an exemption to this section if the City has a licensed plumbing contractor on staff that holds a certificate of competency in Volusia County, for plumbing contracting.  See Sec. 74-36(2)(b)
Lastly, you will see an attached letter from the Volusia County Health Department.  This is a general form letter that has been provided to private landscapers and irrigation contractors, and provides clarity to the ordinances in question by Russell Miller, Environmental Supervisor.  The last sentence of the second paragraph reads.A routine maintenance of irrigation heads or line breaks does not require a permit, but the contractor performing the repair must be credentialed with a certificate of competency or one of the appropriate licenses.”
Does it not seem as though these ordinances speak clearly to the fact that performing repairs does not require a permit, but does require to be completed by someone who is licensed or holds a valid certificate of competency?  I have spoken with multiple staff members at the County Health Department, including Mr. Lentz, and have been given consistent information that municipalities in Volusia County are not exempt from these requirements.  That being said, my intent was to simply bring this to your concern to insure that our City departments are in compliance with State and County regulations.  If you are satisfied that the City is in compliance when performing this type of work, then all is well.
Thanks for your attention, have a great weekend!
Scott Stiltner


Scott: see below e-mail. Do you have a name of someone who provided you the information that we needed a license to repair?
Greg Kisela
City  Manager
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I spoke with Stuart Lentz at Volusia County Health and he said City workers do not need a permit for minor repairs of irrigation heads, pipe, fittings.
The permits/licenses are required for new installations.
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