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Comments of Appreciation   October 28, 2013 9:34 AM
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I wanted to take just a moment to express my thanks and gratitude to the Police and Fire Departments of the City of Port Orange for their outstanding response to an incident on the eve of Saturday, October 26th.
On Saturday afternoon my mother and a friend of hers, Vivian age 68, were at the Pavilion in Port Orange to see an afternoon movie.  While walking across the parking lot Vivian tripped and fell.  She sustained two broken arms and an injury to her hip.  Actually the break to the right arm was more of a “shatter” and she is undergoing reconstructive surgery and is still at Halifax Hospital.
I was in Orlando when the incident occurred, however immediately after Vivian was stabilized and transported I received a call from my mother.  Obviously still shaken about the incident and feeling horrible for friend, my mom almost immediately began telling me about Officer Brian Johnson and the care he took on scene.  Although more of a medical incident, my mother told me that Officer Johnson demonstrated incredible compassion and a genuine caring attitude about the incident, Vivian’s health and my mother’s concern.  Mom said she felt relieved the second Officer Johnson arrived on scene and knew that everything would be handled appropriately.
Although she did not get their names, the response from our Fire Department was equally as impressive and meaningful to my mother.  The FD personnel were all professional and their response to the scene was well orchestrated and under control.  My mother was grateful to see so many well trained, calm and professional personnel show up to take such great care of her friend.
Please know that we truly appreciate the response of these professionals and are grateful for the service they provide every day to our community!
Have a great day!
Scott Stiltner

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