The YMCA Debacle


The YMCA Debacle October 31, 2013 2:48 PM
To: “Greg Kisela” <>

I thought I was very clear at the last Audit and Budget committee meeting about the request Performa we had requested of the YMCA.  I said since they thought they were going to appear the following Monday we expected the accounting delivered to us by that day.  It is almost time for our next meeting we still do not have the paperwork and we do not have enough time to digest the information and also review all of it in depth.
I also see we were about to have some major issues with the RFP that was issued.  I think you really dropped the ball on this by rushing it.  All RFP’S that are issued by the city should be reviewed by our city attorney.  I realize Frank Flagg is a contractor but he is not a lawyer and aware of all the legal requirements.
I am going to make a request that this entire YMCA project be shelved until we see what consequences we have with the new LA Fitness opening.   I do recommend that we use the money we have set aside for them to do the required repairs and maintenance on the facility.  I do think you need to have a meeting with them explaining the idea of time is of the essence and required time to review numbers so we can see if it is a economically feasible and wise decision for the city to pursue in the future after the opening of their new competitor.
I look forward to explanations on these matters.
Corey Berman

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  • November 1, 2013 at 8:43 am

    I have made numerous requests to the YMCA to provide the information. As of today I am being told that the information will be provided on Monday, November 4th. Last week I was told it was going to be provided this week.
    As it relates to the RFP. The City Attorney’s office was involved in several meetings as the RFP was being developed. I don’t want you to think that Mr. Flagg prepared the document in a vacuum.
    Greg Kisela
    City Manager


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