Is City Paying DPW Staff Overtime to Cut Grass?

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Mr. Kisela,
Can you give me an update on where the City is in the bid and award process for the landscape maintenance contracts for sections 1 ,2 and 3?  I know it probably takes a while to receive and process all the bids for a contract like this, but it seems like enough time has passed for that to have occurred since Tuff Turf relinquished their contract over 90 days ago.
Also, I heard from a City resident today that City is having to pay out overtime to City workers to cut grass over the past couple of weeks because a contract has not yet been awarded.  Is that true?
Lastly, what is the position of the City when it comes to trimming trees in the medians and along City right of ways?  Some of the palm trees in our medians on Nova Rd., the causeway and near the interstate are crammed full of dead branches.  They are very unsightly and certainly presents safety concerns when we get moderate winds and the dead branches go flying into the roadways and traffic.  At what point does the City decide that they need to be trimmed and cleaned out?  Who makes that decision?  It looks like some of these trees havent been trimmed in a couple years.
Thanks for the feedback, have a great weekend!
Scott Stiltner

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