We Need Full Cost Accounting for YMCA RFQ

We Need a Full Cost Accounting for YMCA RFQ
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Good morning Greg, and thank you for taking the time to answer my questions as you have.
The last thing I would request of you is a ‘full cost’  accounting of what this YMCA  RFP debacle has cost Port Orange taxpayers to date.
Please note I am requesting the ‘full cost’ and not just the  ‘variable costs’  of this RFP.   If full costs were required  for the goose last week  [when the Mayor told the Utilities engineer that he did not want to listen to his whining that the City would have had to find something for him to  do for 40 hours a week anyway, and thus his time didn’t need to be charged to the clean-up/ monitoring costs for a particular contractor]   then full cost should be afforded the gander this week.
The City Attorney’s review and legal opinion on an RFP  estimated to cost  $1.3 million taxpayer dollars  [ whose release in total non-compliance with  State Statute could have exposed the City to legal challenge and further ridicule,  and as it is has cost thousands in wasted expense]    is most un-clear  even after your attempts to clarify same in several e-mails now..
You should know that it is for that reason that I will be writing Council requesting that they conduct a thorough inquiry of The City Attorney’s performance to establish;

  • *  if a legal review of the YMCA  RFP was conducted prior to its release,
  • * the legal advice arising from that review if any,
  • * and  what action was taken upon that advice.

Ted Noftall

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The YMCA’s architect was RS&H.  They prepared the schematic design.  Since we were not in privity with RS&H we hired Graham Gilchrist to review and sign and seal the RFP package.
The City Attorney’s office was involved in several meetings as the RFP package was being developed and provided input.   I have not suggested that the City Attorney’s office was negligent or didn’t do her job.
Greg Kisela
City Manager

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  • November 2, 2013 at 9:41 am

    Mayor and Council Members,
    Please advise if you have questions on this matter. I am available to address your questions.
    Margaret Roberts


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