"Nobody Answers! As a Taxpayer, This Does Not Sit Well."

On Nov 2, 2013, at 9:20 AM, “Cheryl Jenkins” <cherylj.realtor@gmail.com> wrote:
I live at 5314 Peach Blossom Blvd. in Port Orange Plantation.  I moved into my new home in May of this year.  I was told the street light at the corner of my property would be turned on. To date it is still pitch black at night at the end of this road.  There are several street lights (none of which are on), and now also many new homes constructed (several currently occupied; an elderly couple; a family with 2 young daughters, and several others including myself, a single female).  When I previously lived in a different subdivision in Port Orange where the Phase Three construction had not begun, we were told that all the street lights had to be operational per a requirement from Port Orange even though there was no construction at the time (well over a period of 5 years too).
Besides the fact of the convenience of the lighting itself, it poses a safety hazard to those of us that live here.  The builder has indicated they have requested the lights be turned on; the HOA has continually contacted the builder regarding the same; and so now I am writing this email since when calling the City of Port Orange business number, nobody answers.  I sat on hold on several different occasions for well over 15 minutes.  As a tax payer, this does not sit well.
I am sure there should be some concern on the city’s behalf from a liability aspect too. This is not a safe environment for the residents; there are street lights in place (and have been); and the lights still are not in operation.
Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.
Cheryl Jenkins

Seabreeze Realty of FL, Inc.

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