Taylor Branch & Dunlawton Traffic Signal

Normally this type of signalized intersection should operate with semi-actuated control.  The main street (Dunlawton Ave) signals should rest on green until the controller receives a call from loop detectors embedded in the roadway on the side street; left turn bay and/or pedestrian buttons.
If detection equipment fails or is damaged by construction activity, the controller is switch into recall mode (continuous cycle ) until repairs are made..  Typically it should only take a day or two to repair or replace detection devices.   But that all depends on how much the agency responsible for the maintenance cares about the inconvenience or delays to local motorist.
It is highly unusual for a traffic controller to be set in recall mode for weeks or months, as in this case.  Perhaps, there is some type of dispute ongoing between a contractor and the agency that has maintenance jurisdiction at this location.
Nevertheless, these type conditions only prevail this long, when local officials are apathetic and fails to yank on someones chain about it.
I have also noticed that several members of the council have previously voiced their concerns about the above, but it appears like many of their other complaints, there is very little followup by city staff.   Perhaps we need a Virtual Help Desk with a Ticket system to keep track & help resolve these type of concerns and complaints


Newton White <NWhite0@cfl.rr.com>
4:55 PM

to Greg, Dennis, Don, Drew, Bob, Allen

Mr. Kisela,
In the documents and at the council meetings it was stated that the traffic signal at Taylor Branch and Dunlawton would only go red for westbound for the crosswalk being pressed and only eastbound would stop if the westbound left turn onto Taylor was triggered.
Have these lights not been programmed properly yet? I was stopped westbound today (sat 11/2) at about 13:43 westbound their was not pedestrian and no left turn. This same question was asked by council one or two meetings ago, could we please know what the deal is and if or when it will be correct? I hear a lot of talk about this series of lights from Yorktown through/to Williamson. Can the community expect improvement?
I would also like to suggest if these signals are not equipped with short term battery back up that it be looked into even if the city shares the cost as even a brief power outage through this area could cripple the entire hub and require 5 police to direct traffic until help arrives. Even 20 or 30 minutes of backup would give time for VIPS to respond or FPL to get the power back up.
It is good to see that the landscape and grass is in place and all but tearing up the old crosswalk is done. It makes me hopeful that if the contractor keeps up the pace this will be complete by Christmas.
Newton White

2 thoughts on “Taylor Branch & Dunlawton Traffic Signal

  • November 4, 2013 at 3:10 pm

    They finished up the paving on Monday and Tuesday. The landscaping is close to being completed. They have the final pavement markings to accomplish which requires the asphalt to cure. I do not believe that FDOT/County has adjusted the signal as of yet.
    I will check on an estimate completion for you on Monday.
    Greg Kisela
    City Manager

  • November 4, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    Thank you for the quick response.
    I would like to stress the idea of installing battery back up, since the use of LED panels instead of 135 watt bulbs it is a feasible measure to keep the flow of traffic during a brief power outage and until generators or persons can be in place. It may be affordable insurance for the most complicated and busiest traffic area in our city, failure there could quickly back traffic up not only east west but onto Williamson, Taylor, Yorktown and on I95.


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