Present Port Orange Residents with That “ Credible Scientific Evidence “

Terry L. Buckenheimer
Florida Dental Association
1111  E. Tennessee St.
Tallahassee,  FL  33301
Via E-mail
Dear  Dr. Buckenheimer
It is with great interest that I read your letter  to Mayor Green encouraging the continued fluoridation of the Port Orange water supply.
Letters such as yours, [ if limited to fleeting reference of  “ credible scientific evidence”  and  bold assertions  that the Florida Dental Association believes that the  facts regarding fluoridation to be  “ unequivocal, ”]   could be construed as little more than enthusiastic  endorsement of a antiquated 70 year old policy formulated at a time when television was in its infancy and smoking was the encouraged  norm by celebrities,  politicians and the  medical community alike.
But as one of those advertisements said ‘ you have come a long way baby,’  and we have,  in terms of understanding the likely ill effects of  daily fluoride ingestion over the long term on a plethora of medical conditions,   including arthritic,  penal, thyroid  and reproductive ailments.
None the less in the event some of the information I have read may be incorrect  I would invite the Florida Dental Association  to present Port Orange residents with the “ Credible Scientific Evidence “   that has concluded there are no health concerns among the young, the aged and the infirm  arising from the daily ingestion of Fluoride  over a sustained period of time  so that we may make  informed decisions for ourselves.  
Ted Noftall
Port Orange resident


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