Hydroflousilicic Acid In Port Orange Water Supply

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Ted Noftall
7:42 PM

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Ms. Carla Birdwell
Harcros Chemicals, Inc
5132 Trenton St.
Tampa,  Fl  33619
Via E-mail
Dear Ms Birdwell
The City of Port Orange has recently contracted to purchase Hydroflousilicic Acid [Fluoride]  from Harcross Chemicals with the stated intention of adding that product to the City’s drinking supply.
As I am a City Resident  I would inquire;   does Harcross Chemicals warrant that the Hydroflousilicic Acid it will be supplying the City of Port Orange is safe for  human consumption over extended periods of time.       


Ted Noftall
Port Orange residentfluoride6

One thought on “Hydroflousilicic Acid In Port Orange Water Supply

  • November 7, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    Another good question would be for a complete analysis of all contaminates in the product as it is a raw smokestack pollution scrubber product. It is also stored in open pits and the water used in the scrubbers is often reclaimed polluted water. NSF has admitted they do not actually test the water as the specification requires. Also the actual product can very with each batch delivered but never be tested for contaminates.
    Ormond Beach Commissioner Kent actually sent out 47 letters asking for that proof of safety and benefit and received no positive response from North America.
    We should also consider that phosphate mines also produce uranium pollution which used to be extracted from 7 uranium recovery plants in Florida. The last closed in lake Wales in 1999 from US government mine records. Mosaic also proposed a 200 million dollar Yellow cake recovery plant in Plant City back when Yellow cake peaked over 100 bucks a pound . Now it is just a ignored item and also makes the gypsum waste too radioactive to use so it is stored in massive waste piles with toxic ponds on top.
    NSF was handed control after the EPA had a open revolt of its scientists against fluoridation and the Headquarters EPA union actually joined a lawsuit to halt fluoridation. The EPA science union actually did all the science writing the legal brief. Dr. Robert Carton Headquarters EPA President always called fluoridation a massive fraud. They as a union action required filters to remove this toxin and others from their office building in DC. They still have files against fluoridation on their nteu280.org union website. Dr Hirzy EPA union Vice president also spoke to congress in 2000 about ending fluoridation.
    In 2005 11 EPA unions asked congress for a immediate moratorium to halt fluoridation until safety and benefit could be proved. On 29 Feb 2008 that number grew to 19 unions with over 10,000 professionals members. There are only 22 EPA unions total. This was a massive whistle blowing revolt that went almost unmentioned to the public or cities who fluoridate trusting all the science shows safety and benefit.
    Jim Arnold Schultz


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