YMCA Concerns & Dissatisfactions

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To all concerned,
In light of your review of the YMCA forward looking financials I would like to present to you information on the customer, member aspect of the operation. While having realistic sales, revenue and expense expectations are a necessity, producing that revenue requires customers.
I have been asked to share with all who would make decisions the dismay of many of the customers of the Y. One of them has taken the time to take pictures (see attachment) to show steady attendance at the water aerobics classes. They show different classes over several days and also make note of the lack of appropriate equipment. Floats are used to provide resistance in the water, floatation belts for deep water are necessary to do the moves and exercises. One photo shows an empty pool, attendees are in belief that it was due to lack of funding for an instructor, even if that is not the case not having an announcement or cause of cancellation is poor practice.
Other issues with the water programs are the the members are displaced often for swim team meets. That devalues the membership use of the pool which is key to many with arthritis or disabilities that limit or prevent participation in other programs or the use of machines.
Their are several other issues creating customer dissatisfaction, that I can share at another time. Many of the people who have spoke with me and asked me to carry this message are older clients and some pay while others have access as a benefit of their health insurance. The financial concern in all of this is that the growing dissatisfaction will thin the full and reduced rate paying membership leaving the largest share to those paying the least through insurance programs.
Newton White,
on behalf of concerned Y members

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