Striking the Mother Lode with Port Orange Government, aka The Sucker Government of the Universe?


Ted Noftall
8:21 PM

to Patrick, Hank
After reading today’s article on Port Orange’s new fire Chief  someone asked me  if the Manager hired  a  double dipper.   He did not,  because  the new chief is absolutely not a  double dipper.  He is a quintuple dipper —  having milked  two cities,  two counties,  and the ICMA before striking the mother lode  with  Port Orange government,  aka  the sucker government of the universe.    
 Where  else but Port Orange would  a Manager think to take  half  a job  currently being done by an overpaid  Fire Marshall  and an even more overpaid  Assistant Chief  and  divide it up over yet another person.
 Where  else but Port Orange would a Manager tolerate tag team Battalion Chiefs  being paid overtime despite being  classified as exempt employees   in a  Red Rover, Red Rover,  taxpayers are getting screwed over  scam where   — ‘ I will be covering for you except when you are covering for me’.
 Where else but Port Orange would you find a Manager accepting of a scenario where the more fire employees he hires the greater is the fire department overtime bill.
 And finally where else would a Manager be  so unconcerned with  overtime and its subsequent effect on pension earnings that fire employees in their mid  forties and nearing retirement score overtime nearing 1,000 hours per year while younger fire employees may not get but a half dozen hours all year.
 I don’t think it is raining outside  like the Manager keeps telling me at all.
 I think my leg is getting hosed on.  
 Ted Noftall

Port Orange names Pozzo as new fire chiefBy Lacey McLaughlin

Published: Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 9:39 p.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 9:39 p.m.

PORT ORANGE — City officials have selected former Volusia County Fire Chief Joe Pozzo to head the city’s Fire Department.
A committee of city department leaders selected Pozzo from four semi-finalists who spent an entire day interviewing with city officials last month. Pozzo will begin his position Dec. 16.
Pozzo left the county last year to work as a consultant with the International City-County Managers Association, where he advised fire departments across the county on how to run efficiently.
“What really separated him from other candidates is that he has served as a fire chief of two cities as well as two counties,” Port Orange City Manager Greg Kisela said. “His experience in leadership was superior.”
Port Orange has not had a fire chief since 2011 when Thomas Weber retired from the position. After Weber’s retirement the city merged its police and fire department into a public-safety division under the authority of Police Chief Gerald Monahan.


bob pohlmann <>
8:47 PMto Ted, Patrick, Hank

Please keep in mind that each time one of these firemen retire in their mid 40’s, they receive on average $4000 per month. If they live to 78, national average, and I hope they live a long healthy life, each one of these retirees will be guaranteed $1.5 million each for never working another day in their life. Yes, that’s 1.5 million each. Of course they can get jobs in other cities and double dip. We have retired fireman in Port Orange making $7000 per month from age 50 on. That’s $84000 per year for not working.
We need fireman in Port Orange, no question about that. They do a great job for our residents. But, quite honestly, their benefits are way out of whack. They will be getting a new contract next year and with another retired policeman being elected on council, watch out. Three retired public safety employees on council equals dark days for the tax payers.
Bob Pihlmann

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