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Beyond being offensive, insulting, pejorative and short sighted  your op-ed in Sunday’s News Journal raises a the obvious question as to:  why representatives elected to represent their constituents interests frequently become apologists  for the administration they were elected to supervise in the first place,  AND is that not what you are doing ??
Your op-ed fails  to recognize  that our nation,  be it  right or wrong,   is at war with radical Islamists and has been for some time.  It is  offensive to the parents and grandparents of the young men and women  who have sacrificed so much in that war to have the Volusia County School Board  present as  serious history – what would be better described as a puff piece  promotional brochure on Islam.
That your op-ed  would attempt top justify this text by suggesting  [that even with all things being equal  which they are not ]  that the course content and  the retentive ability of children in both grade 6 and grade 10 are the same  is insulting  to anyone’s intelligence.
Your op-ed comments are  intellectually pejorative and presented with an air of authority suggesting that you actually have a good understanding of  Islam’s 14 centuries of spreading their religion of peace with the sword.
In that regard I have attached several of the  major text book errors and omissions noted by Dr. Boyland  in his comments to the Brevard School Board and would invite you justify your chosen text and allay your constituents concerns  in light of these errors and omissions.
And finally are you so short sighted as to not realize that the very people you are demeaning with their misplaced concerns  and manufactured controversy are the very people you will be coming back to in the next few months to support your pitch for an increased sales tax to support a bloated school board  administration  which you apparently delight in shilling for.
Stan you are thus far not representing my interests in this matter.
Ted Noftall
Port Orange Resident


Volusia County school board members are hearing from residents Monday about a controversial textbook that’s in Florida high schools.
Last week, the school board meeting was canceled due to a security threat, but not before Channel 9’s Blaine Tolison talked with people protesting the book because it devotes a full chapter to Islam and only mentions other religions.
The controversy over whether the 10th-grade world history book should stay in Volusia County is still a hot topic.
The Republican Party of Volusia first raised concerns about the book two weeks ago, claiming it is biased with more content on Islam than other religions.
The group’s argument has since evolved, with participants saying what is written about Islam is inaccurate and that there are omissions.
But Muslim advocates, Democrats and even students banded together as well, claiming the Republicans’ argument is based on fear.
“This isn’t about equality in textbooks. If you speak to the protesters, a lot of them are saying hateful, anti-Muslim things and I think that’s un-American. I think that’s really sad to see people pointing that kind of hate,” said Hassan Shibly of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
“What we’re asking for is the truth, truth in education, balance in education. I don’t hate anybody. I don’t hate the Muslims, but they’ve got to tell the truth in the textbook,” said Tony Ledbetter of the Republican Party of Volusia County.
The Republicans are asking for the book to be eliminated. They also want to force the publisher to re-publish the book or provide a supplement that they believe would bring balance.

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