'The End' of a Era the final Blockbuster rental


 ‘This Is the End’ was the all-too-fitting final Blockbuster rental

It was the end of an era. Saturday marked the last day for in-store rentals at local Blockbuster outlets, after the company announced that it would be shuttering its remaining 300 stores last week. The final rental was made at 11PM Saturday, when this grinning customer rented the incredibly appropriate This Is the End.

As to how the customer would go about returning the Seth Rogen-James Franco apocalyptic lovefest, that’s still unclear. We’ve reached out to Blockbuster for comment.

Update 2:  A spokesperson with Dish Network, which owns Blockbuster, informed us that customers who rented movies before the last day for rentals can simply drop their movies off at any Blockbuster drop box location.

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