Using Skimmers to Steal and Record Credit Card Numbers

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. —Authorities said a man accused of using skimmers to steal and record credit card numbers has previously been jailed for a similar offense.
Officials said Ernis Valdez is accused of using skimmers to steal and record credit card numbers.
Investigators said Valdez took gift cards and reprogrammed the magnetic strips with stolen credit card information and used them to pump as much as 500 gallons of gas into the bed of his truck before reselling the fuel.
Detectives said a Murphy USA gas station at a Holly Hill Walmart was onto his scam.
Corporate security monitored Valdez and caught him making three credit card transactions.
An arrest report stated Valdez had four gift cards and six credit cards on him at the time of his arrest, and all of them are believed to have been fraudulent.
Valdez was previously arrested in March at a Sam’s Club in West Melbourne. Officials said at least $100,000 worth of illegal activity was found in that case.
Police and the U.S. Secret Service said they believe Valdez could be part of a theft ring targeting victims from Volusia County to Miami
via Police make arrest in credit card thefts

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