"We are Concerned About the Lack of Communication Among the City Departments"

Re: Atlantic Marine’s Fence Permit    November 26, 2013 3:09 PM
From:   “Dru Urquhart” <dhurquhart@gmail.com>
To:    “Tim Burman” <tburman@port-orange.org>

Mr. Burman,
Thank you for your email stating you have changed the status of the fence permit from “Approved” to “On Hold”.  Are we correct in assuming that until the dispute has been resolved there will be no further approvals of permits that include our properties?
We are concerned about the lack of communication among the City departments working on the Atlantic Marine PCD. We advised Margaret Momberger of the property dispute and provided copies of our surveys when Atlantic Marine applied for a tree removal permit back in September.  We have communicated with Margaret several times regarding that permit and the disputed line.  It seems that this information should have been passed on since you are both working on the project. We don’t understand how the fence permit could have proceeded to approval by Engineering and Planning & Zoning. The most recent action was yesterday by Chip Glor with the comment “Approved per Planning”.  This appeared to be the final approval since his earlier comment was “Engineering approval of building permits will occur after site development preconstruction meeting requirements have been addressed and the site construction permit approved for construction plans are issued.”   This is confusing to say the least.  We also emailed Councilman Ford in October and notified him of the dispute and our concerns about the development.
We have been promised several times that we will be kept advised of any permits or activity regarding this development. That has not happened.  Basically it appears that if we don’t check the permit site on a daily basis we are going to miss something and come home to our trees gone or a fence on our property. As long-time citizens of Port Orange, this is an extremely uneasy feeling.
We certainly hope that it can be rectified.

Dru & Fred Urquhart


On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 8:08 AM, Burman, Tim <tburman@port-orange.org> wrote:
That approval was entered prior to the fence line dispute being brought to my attention via your email on November 20th.  The permit is sitting on my desk so it cannot be issued until the issue is resolved and I turn it over to the building department.  I will be going into the system this morning to sign off “INP” in progress on the permit.

From: Dru Urquhart [mailto:dhurquhart@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 8:02 AM
To: Burman, Tim
Subject: Atlantic Marine’s Fence Permit
Mr. Burman,

 When I checked the online Building Permits site this morning in the Plan Tracking Status it appears that the fence permit has been approved by your direction.  Is this correct?
 Dru Urquhart

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