HOLIDAY BURGLARY Prevention TIPS From Port Orange Police Department

HOLIDAY BURGLARY TIPS As we are rapidly approaching the height of the Holiday Season, the Port Orange Police Crime Prevention Unit would like to take a moment of your time and ask you to think about Holiday Safety and Burglary Prevention. The Holiday Season is also prime burglary season as well. The burglars and thieves know that this is the time of year when our homes will be filled with gifts and new purchases.
Here are a few things you can do that may help keep your house off the burglar’s radar:
* Don’t leave large boxes sitting out at curbs, such as… large-screen TV boxes. PLEASE find another way to dispose of these boxes. Break them down and place them inside of a bag or dispose of the larger boxes (broken apart) on separate days in recycle bins. With the boxes simply placed at curbside, potential criminals now know you have a new TV (or other large item)!
• Don’t advertise what you have in your house
• When possible, unload your expensive purchases out of sight, inside your garage
• Refrain from leaving your blinds open to display your Christmas tree and gifts
• Don’t allow door to door solicitors into you home
• Don’t accept free home inspections, termite inspection, water testing, etc.
• Don’t leave your garage door open unnecessarily and/or unattended
* Don’t forget about the Port Orange Police Vacation House Watch Program! For more information call (386) 506-5825
Develop a Burglary Prevention Mindset: keep in mind that our homes ARE NOT vaults or fortresses. Our homes were not built to be “secure” they were built to be pleasing to the eye and reasonably weather tight. Our doors and windows are meant to keep out the weather, not the criminals. The simple fact is that we live and store all our belongings in stucco boxes with glass holes. That being the case, we need to take step to enhance the security of our home wherever possible; here are some suggestions:
* Call the Police when you notice anything suspicious! (people/ vehicle/ activity) 911 or (386) 248-1777 or TIPLINE (386)506-5878
• Burglar Alarm System (with a loud siren)
• Locks on all gates
• Security doors
• Additional locks on sliding doors
• Dead bolt locks with reinforcement plates, and long screws in the strikers
• Replace standard short hinge screws with long screws that go into the door framing
• Install motion detector lighting
• Install locks on garage doors
• Remove the pull cord from garage door openers (Burglars can access this and get into your house)
• Look for weakness in your home and address the issues

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