Does the Recent YMCA Letters Have Information in Them That is Not Accurate ?

From: Corey –
To:    “Greg Kisela” <> “City Council” <>

I just wanted to show you some of the letters the YMCA is sending its members.  They have information in them that is not accurate and could be misleading to its members.  I would like this information really looked at before we spend a lot of tax payer money for something that will not benefit all our citizens. 
First they are saying all the funds will be coming from the recreational fund which is not correct.  They are not even sure of how many feet they will be building they say between 5000-6000.  They also state that this serves 12% of the population I do not think that is accurate as they are not counting what is Port Orange residents compared to other cities residents. 
The bottom line is the numbers do not work and this is not a good business decision.  The better business decision would be for us to use the funds in the R and R fund to do the remodeling and pool deck with that money.  We have a national franchise gym that will be opening in our city and until we see what the impact is of that gym it makes little to no sense to place our citizens money in jeopardy.  I also find it to be a poor business decision to build something then not start charging an increased rent for 2 years and when we do to not start at the full rent that would match the per square foot rent we are collecting now for the additional space.  These are just wise business practices and look out for our citizens.
Corey Berman

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