The delays in getting paper analysis of a GL fund balance are becoming intolerable


On Dec 2, 2013, at 11:21 PM, “Ted Noftall” <> wrote:

The delays in getting what should be no more than a copy of a working paper analysis of a GL fund balance  are becoming intolerable.      Either you or Council needs to intercede  to speed this process up.
At the last A&B  meeting it was disclosed  that  the Restricted  YMCA  R&R reserve balance  of $ 435, 832  ( P 43 –  09/30/2012  CAFR )  was overstated by $ 239,357.   It was further disclosed that this error was as a result  of a clerical mistake by  one or more of your staff.     This much I believe we all agree on.
I further understood you to advise that the overstatement in the  Restricted balance was offset by an exact understatement  in the  Non-restricted YMCA R&R reserve balance  which constitutes a portion of the $ 1,046,037   ( P 43 –   09/30/2012  CAFR )     SUCH THAT between the Restricted and Non-restricted portions …….. the YMCA  R&R  reserve balance was correct – whatever that amount might be.
At that point you and your  staff were  asked to provide the following:

  • 1)   A copy of the adjusting entry indicating who made,  and who approved the clerical error referenced above.
  • 2)  An analysis of the 09-30-2012 Non-restricted Recreation reserve balance  of  $1,046,037 ( P43  –  09/30/2012  CAFR )  so as to establish

—  the YMCA portion,  and the veracity of  over/under assertion above.
—   the other  amounts that constitute this balance.

  • 3)  An analysis of the  Non-restricted Recreation reserve balance as at 09-30-2013

As of today’s date not one of these 3 items has been provided,    Why is that,  and when will this information be disclosed  ??    
ADDITIONALLY   Mark Schaefer recently inquired as to an explanation  that the correct portion of the 2005-2008  renovations to the YMCA building have been charged against  YMCA  R&R reserves.   The implications and required assurance  rising out of this question are huge because if those  renovations are not being properly charged to YMCA rental income then what source of revenue  are they being paid  from ??
Each of these items need to be clarified  before Council takes up the issue of spending YMCA reserve balances  that have not yet been demonstrated to be correct. .
Ted Noftall

2 thoughts on “The delays in getting paper analysis of a GL fund balance are becoming intolerable

  • December 3, 2013 at 10:33 am

    I agree we need to be comfortable with the dollars management has represented are in the assigned and unassigned reserves. I will sit-down with Wayne this morning and reviewed the accounts.
    Greg Kisela
    City Manager

  • December 3, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    It seems that the Port Orange City Manager and Finance Director are still in the former administration mode of inaccurate, perhaps false financial reports and untimely reporting. The YMCA too seems to operate in the same fashion. This is troublesome and involves a considerable sum of money. One can and should get tired of this troublesome cesspool of falsity.


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