Please ponder future funding of the YMCA carefully

YMCA     December 4, 2013 4:08 PM

To:     “Don Burnette” <>
Let me begin by saying that I am a supporter of the Port Orange YMCA. However after watching the extended debate as to funding the Y, many questions and concerns come to mind.
1. The picture painted of poor parking conditions, patrons having to wait to utilize equipment, poor building conditions etc. seems to deter any growth of potential new members / patrons of the Port Orange YMCA. Why would someone want to become a member of such a poorly run business ?
2. The council does seem to view this in the proper manner. Don’t just appropriate all funds at once that are being asked for. If this is potentially a failing business why keep up the funding ? Projected revenues are expected to fall far short of expected. ($200,000 or more ?)
3. I have a difficult time as to the 1.3 million dollars sought for renovations. The council has agreed to approximately half of that or $700,000. WHY can’t the Y seek monies in the form of a loan from possibly a local banking institution ? The other $600,000 should come from outside sources.
4. While not having conducted research, it appears that the salaries of the CEO and management team are likely quite high.
Please ponder future funding of the YMCA carefully. While a supporter of them, prudent business decisions need to be made.
Randy Cadenhead

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