Pedal-powered limo hits streets of Daytona Beach

The first pedal bus in Daytona Beach has hit the streets.
Complete with a grill and cooler, the Limo Cycle is like a tailgate on wheels.
“It would be cool, a cool new thing to try, I guess,” said tourist Darrin Ludam.
The pedal bus also has music, fans and water misters for the 15 guests it can carry.
The two-hour tour ride costs $26 a person.
“I wouldn’t want to go too fast,” said visitor Lina Lowe.
Steve Tishman of Limo Cycle said the unusual ride is safe.
“It’s incredibly safe. First of all, there is a back on every seat, behind every peddling seat, so if you want to lean back you have the ability to do that,” said Tishman.
The people aboard the Limo Cycle use the pedals to power the party bus, but the driver has ultimate control.
But Limo Cycle will not have alcohol available because serving alcohol is not part of it’s ordinance to operate in the city.
Limo Cycle owners said they are working with another city near Orlando to expand their operation.
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