Compensation and Classification Study of all Positions With the City of PortOrange

To all employees:
I wanted to take this opportunity to let employees know that we will soon be undertaking a compensation and classification study of all positions within the City.  This will be a comprehensive study that will require involvement from each department as we review and analyze job descriptions, exempt and non-exempt status, classifications and pay grades.  While Administrative Services will take the lead on this effort, it will require input and assistance from all employees in our organization. A request for proposals from firms interested in conducting this study was advertised two weeks ago with proposals due back to the City on December 18th.  I expect the contract will be awarded in January.   The study, comprised of scope of services listed below, is required to be completed within 120 days.  We appreciate your input in this process.  Should you have any questions, please talk with your supervisor or department head.
The City of Port Orange is accepting proposals from qualified firms experienced in conducting all facets of compensation and classification studies.  The following objects shall be required for all classifications as a part of this project:

  • Consistent with the City’s Civil Service Rules and Regulations and Administrative Policies and Procedures, as attached, review of all current job classifications and analyze, document and validate same for knowledge, skills, abilities, essential functions, education and experience, relevance and hierarchical consistency, job definitions, distinguishing characteristics, supervision received and exercised, physical abilities, work environment and any special requirements, licensing and/or certifications.
  • Provide questionnaires for completion by all employees and conduct job audit to verify and validate the information provided.  This process should assist in identifying whether job classes are correctly placed within the organizational hierarchy and if individuals within the classes are correctly identified.
  • Review and make any necessary recommendations regarding the City’s current job descriptions. Prepare new job descriptions if necessary.
  • Examine the City’s current assignment of exempt versus non-exempt positions as they relate to the Fair Labor Standards Act and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Conduct a compensation survey of labor market comparables. Comparable jurisdictions and the survey instrument shall be approved by the City prior to implementation.  The survey should be designed to capture not only base salary information, but also comprehensive benefits information (inclusive of health, life dental, vision; deferred compensation; leave plans and incentives; and specialty pay) to ensure the City is competitive with employers providing similar services, in its total compensation package.
  • Analyze current pay grades and ranges and make appropriate recommendations for current or proposed positions based on the classification study and compensation survey.  Develop externally competitive and internally equitable salary recommendations for each job class included in the study.
  • Identify potential pay compression issues and provide alternative solutions.
  • Review and make any necessary recommendations regarding the current Civil Service Rules and Regulations as it relates to promotions, transfers and demotions.  Make recommendations for consistent salary placement for new employees hired with the City.
  • Meetings with staff, management and City Council members as needed to fully complete the objectives of this RFP.

Greg Kisela
City Manager

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