Suspect Named in 1989 Cold-case Daytona Beach Shores Killing

The Daytona Beach Shores Police Department named a murder suspect Thursday in a cold-case killing from 1989.
Kimberly Palmer was beaten to death 24 years ago.
Authorities said a strong DNA match played a role in the arrest.
Investigators reopened the case and ran DNA evidence they still had from the killing.
Authorities said they found a match to Brian Alford, a man who is in prison for killing someone else.
“We were in total shock, I mean the chances, this doesn’t happen every day,” Daytona Beach Shores Public Safety Director Stephen Dembinsky said.
Palmer was killed at a building that was once part of an apartment complex in Daytona Beach Shores.
Palmer was described by family and friends as a beautiful young woman. She was a waitress at the Charthouse and an area Denny’s in 1989.
Police said Alford, 18 at the time, beat her to death.
Investigators said there was not much of a connection between the two, which is what made the killing tough to solve back then.
Alford has been in prison for the past 24 years for beating a man to death in Fort Pierce the same year Palmer was killed.
Police said the killing stunned the small city of Daytona Beach Shores.
“There have been four unsolved homicides. Today there are three. If you commit a crime here in the Shores, I promise, we will never stop looking for you,” said Dembinsky.
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