We Were Told You Would Get Back with Us in 6 Weeks. It Is Now 9 Months Later and No Response !!!


Traffic Signal Needed on Williamson Blvd. at Town West Blvd

Thank you for the response.  I look forward to hearing back from you and the city.

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From: Joshua Wagner <jwagner@volusia.org>
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Subject: Re: Light on Williamson Blvd. and Town West Blvd
Hello Jamie,
We, the county, proposed within a few weeks of that meeting a solution to the city in regards to this issue. I personally have contacted the city multiple times requesting an update. They have continued to work on it. However, their  hands have been somewhat tied because of prior commitments with a property owner.I too wish this had been resolved by now.
However, it is hard for a city  to undue a prior commitment. That being said, my last update from the city last month was that they have made some good strides on getting it done.
Greg, can you please provide an update for this email group?
Thanks, Josh

12/05/13 6:11 PM
It was on March 13, 2013 that you and representatives from the city of Port  Orange met with the residents of the Villages of Royal Palm regarding the traffic light at the intersection of Town West Blvd & Williamson. You stated  that you would get back with us in 6 weeks. It has now been over 8 months and  we still have not heard from you or the city on a proposed solution.  I know that you are busy, but we are constantly approached by residents who are  extremely concerned and frustrated about accessing Williamson.
As you may  remember, the developers and land owners in that area pre paid for the traffic  light and it is my understanding that the city has confirmed that the expense  for the light is fully funded.  Can you please help us in resolving this matter timely. It would be regretful  to have someone seriously injured or killed as a result of not having a traffic light at that intersection.
I look forward to hearing back from you or the city.
Jamie Adley
Villages of Royal Palm, President (386) 760-2555
Hello Fran,
We are working on a win-win resolution and should hopefully be able to bring it  forward to you and your residents soon.
“Fran Riggio”  05/01/13 3:47 PM
You both came and spoke at a Town Hall Meeting at the Villages of Royal Palm in Port Orange on March 13. At that meeting, there was much concern and discussion over the proposed light at above corner and the fact that the light was ultimately moved to the McGinnis entrance to Raydon.
You were going to talk to Raydon and see if they would agree to move the light back to where it was originally proposed at the corner of Town West and Williamson. You asked us to give you 6 weeks to resolve this. Please let us know the resolution and we will pass along to the residents of Royal Palm.
Thank you.
Fran Riggio
Clubhouse Manager  Villages of Royal Palm
1325 Villages of Royal Palm Blvd.
Port Orange, FL 32128  386-322-4025

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