The Uglyfication of Port Orange

To: Allen Green – Mayor
Gregory Kisela – City Manager
Donald Burnette – Vice Mayor
Bob Ford – Council
Drew Bastion – Council
Dennis Kennedy – Council
Fr: Tom Menocal
re:  LED Signage = The Uglyfication of Port Orange
Follow up to my email of 18 SEP 2013   (still no response ?)
Good Day:
This is a follow up to my email of 18 September 2013, regarding commercial LED signage. And I appreciate that this issue has been designated for a workshop sometime in the future. But in the meantime, more signage is being permitted and the Uglyfication of Port Orange is spreading.
LED signage is not necessary for growth.
It’s hard to be critical of Port Orange. Unlike other issues that can be worked through and resolved, once installed, LED signage is pretty much permanent. Blight-Signs.
Unfortunately, the decision to allow BJs to install a ‘price of gasoline sign’ has opened up another category for proliferation.
As more sigs are permitted, the Uglyfication of Port Orange in guaranteed as they proliferate.
All the effort that Port Orange has exerted to be recognized as a model city is being undone.
This is very disappointing.

Tom [Tommy] Menocal
Port Orange, FL
g: 414.367.4140 – GoogleVoice#

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