More Unhappy Citizens Near The Atlantic Marine Project

From: Kela Lindsay []
Sent: Monday, November 25, 2013 1:58 PM
To: Green, Allen; Ford, Bob; Kennedy, Dennis; Burnette, Don; Momberger, Margaret; Roberts, Margaret; Burman, Tim
Subject: Atlantic Marine Project
We are the owners of the property at 509 Powers Avenue. We have been here for almost 30 years and have seen many changes in our area. As such we feel that when changes that affect our property and the immediate area around our home, we should be informed of those changes as they arise, not after everything has been approved, permitted and being done, leaving us no say in what is going to happen.
That being said, we have several concerns about the property behind ours that has been purchased by Atlantic Marine.
First and foremost is the encroachment by Atlantic Marine on our rear property line. Our survey distinctly shows our property extends approximately 13+ feet beyond our fence line at an angle. There are distinct markers shown by the Powers Subdivision Permanent Reference Markers that clearly shows this. Atlantic Marine’s property survey is incorrect.
We have contacted our Title Company regarding this and will definitely contact our lawyer if this is not resolved properly.
The referenced land has been cleared of all trees and growth with the exception of a few large trees, several of which are on the disputed properties. We now have no woods or privacy and the sound barrier we enjoyed from the noise on Dunlawton is no longer there. This needs to be addressed before any further permits or clearing is done in regard to this particular piece of property.
The other major concern is the traffic that is going to be increased on Powers Avenue and Ruth Street. The large trucks that obey the signs and have used Lemon Street have struggled to get on and off Dunlawton. They have been forced to turn West onto Dunlawton by crossing the existing turn area at the railroad tracks in spite of the signage. This is also true when they are trying to access Lemon Street from the Westbound lanes. We realize this is not suppose to be used for turning West but it is and always has been. Can you imagine a semi trying to make a U-turn at Orange Avenue and Dunlawton? With the closing of the turn lane so no one can turn West onto Dunlawton from Lemon Street it is also going to prohibit vehicle traffic turning South onto Lemon Street from Westbound Dunlawton. It is going to leave them no alternative but to use Powers Avenue and Ruth Street, some of which already do, inspite of our protests and signage. This will also apply to the patrons of Atlantic Marine who are towing boats and want to turn West onto Dunlawton. We already have a lot of traffic generated by the Port Orange Fish House and employees and trucks from Spruce Creek Cabinetry. Our street was not built for this kind of traffic, there are no sidewalks and the street is barely wide enough for two cars to pass each other. We have children in our area and we are concerned for their safety also.
We would appreciate a reply to our e-mail, this is not our first request for information or status and have, so far, not received any response.
We appreciate your time in addressing our concerns.
Fred & Cornelia Lindsay
509 Powers Ave.
Port Orange, FL

One thought on “More Unhappy Citizens Near The Atlantic Marine Project

  • December 10, 2013 at 9:31 am

    The email below was sent out prior to Thanksgiving by concerned citizens. It was sent to some of our planners, but I don’t know if they have been responded to.
    Can you follow up?
    Don Burnette, MBA


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