Was Breaking Bad Really Filmed in Port Orange?


Breaking Bad in Port Orange

December 11 2013 9:36
 I watched the Port Orange City Council Meeting of 12 10 13 and it reminded me of an episode in “Breaking Bad”.
In the movie, the female accountant for a business company was concerned that the company’s business books were showing a discrepancy in money intake and expenditures. She spoke to the owner of the business about the accounting procedures which had been cooked up by the previous accountant before her.
The owner of the company did not share her concerns because besides himself living well as a result of the false accounting procedures, he felt secure in his intentions of saving jobs for his loyal workers.
The accountant was worried because she and her husband were living on laundered income due to her husband producing illegal narcotics, and feared that an IRS audit of the business company would implicate her to the company’s financial crimes, and thus open an IRS audit of the accountant family’s income.
So the accountant gave her boss money to rightfully pay off his IRS taxes, but he decided to use that money for other items rather than pay the IRS.
Is it always the case in city governments that city managers and their financial directors work together to juggle the financial books?  As I understand the case made by Ted Noftall, the former city manager and his financial director did manipulate money in financial categories, and Ted posits that the present city manager and financial director are doing the same.
Case in point and I probably need a lot of correction on my interpretation of the financial facts, but as I understand it, the city feels it has saved some money when the new fire chief has accepted a salary without opting into the pension fund which the other fire personnel are in.  But according to Ted and Councilman Ford, no money has actually been saved, and according to Ted whatever money was allocated to the fire pension fund liabilities cannot be capriciously taken from that budget and applied to other projects such as granting 20 or 30 thousand dollars to neighborhood communities which spruce up their properties.
Cache of money used  to fund new projects that were not budgeted for, seem to be a recurring problem in Port Orange City government. Even now, still after all these  months of requests for a loan from the city to the Port Orange YMCA,  questions linger, which the city financial director cannot easily answer, about previous reserve money taken from  city coffer for some YMCA project.
I am not suggesting anything, but in the movie “Breaking Bad” which is being shown on Netflix, the not so pure accountant hired hit men to visit the company president and force him to sign and mail the checks to the IRS, so that the IRS would not audit his company and the tax returns of the female accountant.
As far as I have seen, the city need have no fear of audits. The city has endured audit after audit for many years with very little discovery of negative findings.  But the city should fear the Citizen Budget Advisory Committee which is a new, long needed component to provide a check and balance procedure to help city council members.
Hank Springer


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