Delayed Landscape Maintenance Bid ?

Landscape Maintenance Bid      December 17, 2013 10:24 AM

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Thanks for your reply Greg.  My recollection from the October and November council discussions after Bid #13-28 failed to secure a sufficient amount of bidders, was that Staff would have a new Bid package back before the council ready to go out by December.  I may have just misunderstood the time line.
As I try to follow along and learn the process, I am amazed sometimes at how slow government works and how long it takes to get seemingly simple tasks completed and in motion. Does it seem reasonable to you that it is now going to take well over 6 months to secure a new landscape maintenance contractor?  Is that the norm when the City needs new contractors?  That just seems like a really long amount of time to get this accomplished.  Is this somehow a strategic delay on the part of the City?
So based on where you are right now, what is the new expected time frame to have a new landscape maintenance contractor in place for the City?

Scott: On December 3rd the City Council rejected the bid and authorized us to go back out. Robin Fenwick, the City Clerk,  is sending you the agenda item.
Greg Kisela
City Manager

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After the failed RFP for the Landscaping Maintenance Bid for sections 1, 2 & 3 in October, you indicated that a revised bid package would be completed and presented back to the council for review in December.  Where is the City with that?  I don’t recall hearing any discussion on this with council this month.
Thank in advance for your reply!
Scott Stiltner

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